Develop Your Intuition, Clear Your Energy and Align with Your True Self.

Join our Empowering Community!

Develop Your Intuition, Clear Your Energy and Align with Your True Self.

Join our Empowering Community!

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New Digital Store!


Wendy De Rosa, intuitive energy healer, speaker, teacher, and author

Everyone is born with the gift of intuition. It’s your soul communicating to your conscious mind. When your soul speaks — that’s your intuitive voice.
At The School of Intuitive Studies, we te ach you to clear the blocks within so your intuition, which never steers you wrong, can become the guiding force in your life.

Through guided meditation, self-study, breathwork, and energy clearing, we’ll be right there with you on the journey of a lifetime — full of self-discovery, soul healing, and intuitive development.

About the School of Intuitive Studies

Learn more about The School of Intuitive Studies and Wendy De Rosa. A captivating teacher in the spaces of developing intuition, intuitive energy healing, connecting to the Divine.

Energy Healing & Intuition Training

An In-Depth Online Training program to Develop Your Intuition & Align to Your True Calling. Discover the transformative power of intuitive energy healing with Wendy De Rosa.

Events &

Join Wendy for an upcoming retreat, course, or certified training. Embody your intuitive powers, clear energetic patterns, and strengthen boundaries, so you can heal yourself and others.

Praise for School of Intuitive Studies

Our students loves us as much as we love them ❤️

Thank you for your pure heart and wisdom…

This evening I listened to your monthly membership Q&A! What a heavenly treat! Am in awe still as I for the first time felt and still feel my heart’s intuition – I so love it! This is my Christmas gift to me, I am so so proud to have crossed your path!
Jordyn Saris
Graduate / Energy Healing

Amazing Training 🔥

A note to express my gratitude for last night’s healing. Thank you for your pure heart and wisdom and the alchemy of grace that flows through you. My heart feels so grateful for your truly transformative and loving gifts and the essence of who you are, pure love.
Jaylon Aminoff
Graduate / Energy Healing

You’ve helped me to find more happiness and meaning

There is nothing that could have prepared me for the work I would do in this program or the healing that would take place. It has been one miracle after the next as I deepen my gifts and refine my ability to clear my energy. What was once hopeless is now hopeful.
Cooper Vaccaro
Graduate / Energy Healing

Your work is a blessing and a deep healing

The tools I’m learning within the program are helping to heal me at such deep levels and are being woven throughout my therapeutic work with clients. Many more thank you than this email can contain for YOU!!!
Cooper Vaccaro
Graduate / Energy Healing

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How to Develop your Intuition

A 3-Session, On-Demand Audio Course

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