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4 Foundations of Intuitive Healing: How to Clear Energy Blocks & Turn Your Sensitivity Into a Healing Gift

Are you having a hard time catching up with yourself? There’s so much to process and no time to process it all, it seems. This is what unearthing can look like. It’s when life events, conversations and triggering situations happen and there’s no time to process what just happened before you have to go on to the next thing.

Energetic boundaries blur, sleep is compromised and there is a longing for a moment to breathe.

What I am aware of as an intuitive healer is that a big life events or even traumas are happening, they are unearthing our own deeper traumas—even the ones we had no idea where there.

Spirit is calling us to go deeper into the fold of our being…Deeper into the consciousness of not just who we are, but to unleash a power within that this planet needs. Spirit is asking for us to purify our cellular body and touch the cells within others so that, as a collective, we can inspire goodness on this earth.

Is this too far out there and out of touch with reality? Well, I’ll give you this perspective: Part of our human struggle on this earth comes from our disconnection from our intuitive, sensitive, and knowing parts of us. Part of our disconnection on this planet is that our ego overrides our soul and we set life up to satisfy the ego, inevitably longing to be met on a soul-level.

What if you had a greater connection to your soul, and were able to clear out the baggage of the past that is unearthing, so that your new-found awareness could reveal to you a path of living in connection with yourself, but you just couldn’t see it before?

This is the power of diving into understanding your intuition, energetic body and the depth it carries.

We think of intuition as perceiving the future or “knowing” more than what’s on the surface. These are aspects of intuition, but so is your soul guiding you through your intuition in life, and every human being has the potential of this.¬†

It just wasn’t taught that way. When your are taught to disregard a part of yourself, it becomes a fragmentation. Now is the time to unify the fragmented parts of you into wholeness. Life is asking this of all of us.

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