Brigitte Rivet

Brigitte Rivet graduated from the certified Intuitive Healer Training Program and is now taking part as an Assistant at the School of Intuitive Studies. She has been a professional in education for over 28 years.

As an empath, she has learned to navigate life and now feels empowered and recognizes its contribution into her life. Her own personal, and at times challenging journey has gifted her the opportunity to heal herself along the way. She now accompanies others through their individual healing journey.

Using intuitive energy healing, Reiki, guided meditation, and other modalities, she offers healing and guidance while giving tools to continue one’s life journey and regain a more balanced life.

Are you suffering from past wounds, experiencing anxiety or stress, feeling overwhelmed or have lost a sense of life’s purpose? Are you ready to transform your life and become a better version of yourself? If so, having a chance to connect would allow us to further discuss your situation and/or needs as it would be an honor to support you.

An hour session with
Brigitte is $150

You can also purchase a package of (3) 1-hour sessions for $400