Nataliya Zalyesova

My focus in healing, personally, as well as a Healer, is on deepening connection with
self and Divine within. It is my experience that disconnection at one of these levels causes pain.

Life invited me to live and learn within several languages and cultures. Adjusting to challenges while using sensitivity gifts was a bruising yet revelatory experience. Loss of sense of self is an explicit invitation to discover your purity, uniqueness, and a sense of purpose.

The pain you have experienced so far, and existential pull that brought you to this School, are immense gifts. I will be honoured to walk alongside you on this path of growth. Lovingly creating and holding a healing space is my calling.

My formal qualifications are eclectic, MBA in Finance and Light Therapy completed in 2017 (France). As a therapist, I use coloured light at acupuncture points to stimulate energy flow and promote physiological balance. Aromatherapy, Homeopathy, and cold-water swimming are my personal wellbeing modalities.

Completing Advanced Intuitive Healer program enabled me to use intuitive gifts with confidence. Healing sessions are always filled with Divine presence and guidance. I do my best to step aside and allow Love to flow so that you can re-member your wholeness. Courageously gazing into discomfort is usually enough for powerful shifts.

It will be my honour to hold a safe healing space for you to return to your original vibrant self.

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