A Highly Sensitive Person vs an Overly-Empathic Person

Wendy De Rosa - A Highly Sensitive Person vs an Overly-Empathic Person

What is the difference between a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) and an Overly-Empathic person. Is there a difference?

Both HSPs and Overly Empathic people share similarities.  They are both sensitive to energy. An HSP, at minimum, is someone who is sensitive to energy, sounds, smells, being in crowded rooms, foods, sensitive digestive systems and may even receive psychic information.  An Overly Empathic person has some similar sensitivities, but unlike an empathic person who feels energy and emotions, an Overly- Empathic person takes that energy into their system.

On an energetic level the difference between a Highly Sensitive Person and an Overly-Empathic person is determined by what’s happening in the upper chakras for an HSP and what’s happening in the lower chakras for an Overly-Empathic person.  

Below is a video to explain this further:

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