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Relax Your Body Through Your FEET

What is your connection to Mother Earth right now? Not just nature, but the energetic power of the Mother. She is the Divine Feminine essence that helps our spirit feel nourished in life. She is potent right now, budding with potential, warming up the days, freshening the air with fragrances and holding space for us to blossom. She is also fierce. Storms, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes are the transformational aspect of the Mother. The earth mother is connected to the cycles of death and rebirth. She will shake us up, test us, and invite us to surrender to her rhythm.

I had shared this with my Healer Training Program students including the importance of bringing earth energy up through the soles of your feet— especially if they have been cooped up in shoes! Visualizing earth energy coming up through the feet and meridians in the legs helps dissolve worries, fear, anxiety and confusion.

To take this a step further, there are also marma points (pressure points) in the soles of the feet, that when massaged, can relax, calm and center your body.  Massaging these marma points can open the energy channels in the legs to help your body ground even more.  Check out this video to learn about these points.

With Love,

Wendy De Rosa