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A Mother’s Day and Heart Centering Meditation for YOU

Happy Mother’s Day to you and yours!
Energetically, the heart is an area of the body that gets pulled out, leaks feels overwhelmed or depleted. We can feel this through symptoms of depression, worry, anxiety, or stress. It’s common to think that most stress is due to what’s on our mind.

However, from an intuitive perspective, our hearts take on and take care of a lot of energy around us. Over time, that energy builds up in our Heart Chakras and creates stress.

You may relate to this as a mother, father, care-giver or heart centered person.

It is important to clear and balance our heart energy when the “crazy” starts to happen throughout the day.   Sometimes, that happens not because of what’s on our mind, but what’s on our heart.

I’ve created Mother’s Day Meditation for you. Yet, this mediation will benefit ANYONE who feels the need to balance your heart energy.

Please carve out some time to free yourself from distractions or movement for about 10 minutes to get the most out of this meditation.

Enjoy your Mother’s Day and may your heart be centered.
With love,

P.s- Feel free to share this meditation with a mother in your life!