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A Powerful Heart Chakra Healing Technique You Need to Know

As you move deeper into your healing journey, your connection to the Divine and your inner-self continues to strengthen. Although struggle and pain can still exist, connecting with the Divine can not only help source you, but also help your human part release from holding so much struggle and pain.   

Do you have experiences where you shut down or close your heart to protect yourself from pain? This action is a common defense mechanism for most who find themselves suffering, but living with a closed heart can prevent you from opening to the Divine and experiencing more love, connection, and happiness into your life. Closing your heart can also lead to more struggle, which is why I recommend heart chakra healing because it is a powerful way to release energy held in the spiritual center in the body.

The heart chakra is one area of the body we feel connection to the Divine. When you are in a relationship with the Divine through your heart, you will experience more receptivity of grace, love, compassion, generosity, fulfillment, and peace. When the heart chakra is closed, there can be feelings of resentment, fear, jealousy, hopelessness, judgment, and cynicism.

The heart chakra is responsive to what is going on in the lower chakras. If you are shifting an attachment or clearing something from the lower body that was a big part of what you thought about yourself or how you relate to other people, the heart is going to have a response to this shift. When your heart chakra is closed, you may experience feelings of loss, grief, feeling shut down, the inability to speak truth about feelings or about your own personal truth, feeling disconnected from the world, loss of purpose, unsure of your place in the world, sarcasm, negativity, depression, anxiety, over-giving, and/or feeling you are carrying the weight of the world all by yourself.

Most people live in the front of the heart chakra where they take care of the world and seek to be met. Subconsciously, there can be a lot of giving from the front side of the heart. We give, we love, we engage with humanity, and we are generous in the front side of the heart. However, we also have the back side of our heart chakra, which is where we receive Source from the vertical flow of grace through the back body. So much of our alignment and centering comes from the engagement of prana, life force energy, through our central channel and through this pillar of grace in our vertical alignment. This grace pours down through the back side of our body where our heart is like a flower blossoming open towards the vertical flow. The energetic action coming in through the back side of the heart is self-love. It is nurturing the spiritual heart, which is connected to grace, the universe, our higher self, our higher purpose, and our higher callings, which include love and divinity.

The back side of the heart chakra is also where you open up your spiritual heart and deepen. It is where you start to understand sourcing Self, connecting into prayer, connecting into grace, connecting into higher consciousness and allowing love to come into the back side of the heart starts to establish this flow.

Heart Chakra Healing Techniques

If you need a heart chakra balancing between the front and back side of your heart, I encourage you to use the following powerful technique to help you release energy stored at your heart center causing a block in the flow of our energy and overall balance.

In my experience as an Intuitive Energy Healer, I find most people are very open in the front side of the heart (sometimes too open, which can result in over-giving, losing self, and even absorbing other people’s energy). When this happens, I recommend opening the heart on the back side first:

  • Lean back into an imaginary waterfall of light. Imagine the waterfall flowing down, as the back of your heart leans into the waterfall.
  • Take a deep breath and allow the back of your heart to take in the light. As you take in the light, imagine you are fueling your Spirit and filling yourself up with love.
  • Take a few deep breaths as you feel the light pouring in and let love fill into the whole center of your heart. Once the center is full with the light of love, the heart will naturally open.

By taking light in through the back side of your heart and opening the Heart Chakra from behind, you allow the light of love to radiate from the center of your heart and tap into receiving from the universe. During this exercise, the front side will also come into balance because it will naturally radiate open from the sense of a glowing heart.

This is just one of many methods I use with clients to help them along their journey to feel balanced, centered, and empowered to stand in their power. After completing this technique, you should feel connected, centered, open, and more clear.

Pay attention to the thoughts and feelings you have during and after this exercise. I also recommend meditating on the back side of your heart chakra asking yourself the following questions:

  • What is being asked of me?
  • How am I here to show up?
  • How am I here to serve?
  • What is the vibration that needs to come out of me?
  • Where is my light hiding and where have I become over-congested as a result?

If you would like to work on clearing your chakras, I offer a deep, guided energy Healing every month through my Divine Healing Inner Circle Healing Program. The healings are helpful for anyone looking to take the gift of being an empath to the next level. Find out more about it here.

Yours in light,