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The School of Intuitive Studies Mission

The School of Intuitive Studies is a conscious based global business. We care about the state of the world, humanity, equal rites for all, the environment, healing, and contributing to the greater good on the planet. We believe our footprint on this planet is to support personal transformation, self-actualization, healing, intuitive development, and spiritual growth so this work may spread to you and out to the great wide world.

Why we do what we do: We are in a time where consciousness is rising and people are waking up to their intuitive abilities. Wendy believes in the rise of consciousness and in each individual’s opportunity to go within to find their intuitive gifts, light, and truth so we can contribute to the increase of light on this planet. Just as we can be personally affected by energy in the collective, we can also heal and feed light back into the collective. This is a time where many are called to heal energetic blocks in order to expand the light from within and strengthen their intuition. Just as shadow exists on this planet, so does the increase of the hearts and minds of individuals waking up to their intuitive abilities and full potential. There is a call for healers, leaders, truth-sayers, empowered empaths, fearless vulnerability, and nurtured sensitivities, and this is why the School of Intuitive Studies is here. When you are 80 years old looking back on your life, we want to be the place that helped guide you to the depth of knowing your soul, the Divine, your intuition, and the truth of who you are here to be.

What we do: The School of Intuitive Studies is committed to offering a high level of intuitive development, spiritual healing, and spiritual growth. Wendy is a clear, grounded, no- fluff, deep teacher of spiritual consciousness. She uses her heart-centered teachings and her gift to guide you into the depths of your interior and help you open doors to a deeper self and experience re-parenting of your true intuitive self. Wendy works at a high standard of integrity when it comes to teaching all her programs and trains students to be healthy and grounded Intuitive Healers. If you are ready to work at the deep level, Wendy is your teacher!

How we do it: Through Wendy’s programs, trainings, books, articles and meditations at the School of Intuitive Studies, students are given opportunities to advance their intuition, energy healing, spiritual growth, and be held in a sacred and clear container held by Wendy and the S.I.S Intuitive Healers. Students will have the option to receive healing through the Divine Healing Inner Circle, training as a Healer through the Intuitive Healer Training Program, working with a SIS Healer, and support for spiritual growth and healing through an array of courses, meditations, books, videos, and blog articles.