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Wendy De Rosa suggests that for the simple fact that you are a soul in a body, your soul speaks to you. And the voice it uses is your intuitive voice. Most people were born in a time where the mind of reason and should-thinking were seen as more valid than how a person felt intuitively. As a result, the emotional/intuitive side of you is suppressed, while the programmed part of you does all the work, overriding the intuitive voice. Well, what results is a collective population of individuals who are fragmented, confused, depressed, anxious, doubtful and fearful about who they are or what they can accomplish.

Wendy De Rosa’s work in this world is to offer you the education you were NOT initially able to receive to support your sensitive being because the culture wasn’t open to such learning previously. Life is different now, and we all need to get up to speed! Her mission is to help you pick up the pieces that got left behind, and heal the blocks that keep you from being whole. Through the School of Intuitive Studies courses and free offerings, Wendy De Rosa teaches you how to clear the blocks within so that your intuition can become stronger. Through guided meditation, self-study, breath work and energy clearing, you are taken on a journey of self-discovery, soul healing, and intuitive development. She helps you come back to yourself, discovers who you are, empowers your gifts, and open up to the Divine within. Her classes, workshops, and training are a powerful and life changing experience because she is able to tune into the needs of each individual as well as the group collective.

Wendy De Rosa
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Wendy De Rosa: My Story

I am often asked how it is that I became an intuitive healer, and especially a healer with a mission to help others access and develop  their own intuition.
Many people think I must have had some hippie parents, or a “witchy” aunt that taught me all her secrets. Not so at all! I grew up in a very common, East Coast Italian family, and the path that led me to do what I do today involved quite a bit of confusion and self-growth.

I grew up a very sensitive child, and I didn’t know I was intuitive; I just thought something was very wrong with me. I could feel everything everyone else was feeling, and on top of that, I thought it was my fault or my responsibility. As a sensitive child, I didn’t know those emotions were not mine. No one told me they weren’t, and I didn’t have the proper boundaries to figure that out for myself. So, I gained weight as a child, which was my protection, and I became very anxious. I know now that taking care of other’s emotions was my way of managing all the energy input—but I didn’t know it at the time.

By the time I was 19, I had a nervous breakdown.

The benefit of that breakdown is that it helped me to genuinely hear a driving voice from within that was calling me to get away from my own personal stresses. At 19, that meant a big move across the country to Colorado. Even though I had never been there, my heart was pulling me to go.

In the wake of some miraculous encounters, which you can hear more about in my training and workshops, and with the help of divine intervention, I made one of the biggest leaps in my life and I moved to Colorado at the age of 20 to begin my spiritual journey.

I’m sure I freaked my parents out by this move, but I wasn’t afraid. I knew I had angels watching over me, and that I was being guided to eventually meet my healing teacher. It was this teacher who helped me understand that all those years of over-sensitivity were going to be my strongest gift and offering to the world.

I then embarked on 16 years of working with clients and doing my own personal study of the energy system, intuition, and personal development.These years as a healer, have helped me develop techniques and insights on how energy works in the body and how our spirits evolve on the path of love.

The guidance I am receiving now through my angels is to teach.

Teach what I have learned, and what I have come to know in a very intimate way, namely that I am not alone in being overly-sensitive, which means I am not alone in being intuitive.

If my story resonates with your own, I assure you that through what I offer in my teaching and trainings, namely, an understanding of the energetic body, of the soul and of intuition, as well as specific tools and skills in developing these areas of yourself, you can turn your struggle into powerful awareness.

You won’t have to apologize for who you are, or be confused about whether you are right in your intuition or not because this information is what should have been available to all people when we were children.

A healer is an administer of transformation. What this means practically, is that if you are perceiving things, or experiencing feelings in a way that does not serve you, you have the ability to transform it.

Here’s where it gets tricky: We can’t always just change our minds at the snap of a finger if we are having intense feelings in a moment.

Why? Because we have wounds that run deep into our youth and childhood. Within my programs, we help you unravel these wounds. From an energetic perspective, we help you understand and feel into the energy, the emotions and the belief systems that formed your wounds. We help you clear them and learn how to do that on your own.

What sets this program apart from a traditional therapy approach is that through energy work, we bypass the rational mind and go straight to what resonates on a soul-level. We can know how to get over the past, but it’s a different story altogether to energetically clear it. That’s where the powerful transformation comes in.

If you are interested in studying with me, Wendy De Rosa, I am happy to support you through my online courses, including the Intuitive Healer Training Program, or through Healing Groups and Guidance Groups.