Are You an Empath and is Money often an Issue?

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Money has never been one of my favorite topics to talk about in healing work. The reason is, I’m not an expert in money and I’m guided to talk about spiritual growth. Yet, money is spiritual by nature of the energy underneath it. Money, or lack of, is also the elephant in the room for many overly-empathic people, and there is a correlation!

Now this may not apply to everyone, but there may be some gems here that are very helpful for you or someone you know.

The overly empathic person learns a particular imprint early on, which is that survival is dependent on being intuned with what others are thinking and feeling, which is called hypervigilance. Out of this experience, the overly empathic person learns to put their needs on the back shelf and even to disregard “self” at the expense of others’ needs.

Money is a bonding experience, a flow of energy and a value of worth. How we think about money is tied in with how we think about ourselves. If you are empathic or overly empathic, having SELF is considered selfish. So why would having money be any different?

The overly empathic does not want others to feel bad or feel uncomfortable, and they feel guilty if others have bad feelings. So if the empath has money, others will feel bad, jealous, and hurt. So guilt ensues for the overly empathic person. Guilt being the emotion felt when someone believes they are responsible for another’s emotional well-being.

As the overly empathic person learns to have their center, boundaries, and a sense of self, this relates to seeing their value and worth. In turn, this supports the ability to have money.

The phrase “I can’t afford that” on an energetic level translates as “I don’t trust mySELF enough to generate what is possible.” Why? Because you can’t trust SELF if you can’t feel SELF. As a result of not feeling SELF, belief systems are created such as:

  • I am not worthy
  • I do not deserve that
  • I need someone to take care of me because I can’t take care of mySELF
  • I can’t have money
  • Money is bad and wrong
  • I feel wrong when I have money
  • And the list goes on…  

These are beliefs underlying money and what holds back the money flow. These are also beliefs that keep an empathic person over empathizing with others at the expense of their own connection to themselves.

The common denominator here is: Connection to your true SELF. Not the beliefs you were told to believe, rather who you are here to thrive as.

When you truly make this connection, the words “I can’t afford that” or “I don’t have enough” become like nails on a chalkboard. The reason is that these words continue to hurt SELF even more.

Watch this video below:

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