Aurora Culkin

Aurora has been a seeker of the light from the time she was a young adult. Through
these years of exploration she has experienced and studied many practices such as
reflexology and Reiki 1 and 2. While attending Wendy De Rosa’s School of Intuitive
Studies she found her life’s purpose, to guide others to connect to their inner light. As a certified Spiritual Director, she learned the intricacies of leading others towards a deeper connection to the divine, to grow her compassion for others and to know the divine in a deeper way.

Integrating Wendy’s Intuitive Healing Training enabled Aurora to go from theoretical information gathering, to being able to intuit and guide a healing session through the lens of the chakras.

Aurora completed Wendy’s Advanced Intuitive Healing Training Program which allowed her to fine-tune her abilities to recognize how energy presents in the body and to transform blocks and imbalances. She assisted Wendy with the 2020 Intuitive Healing Training Program and continues taking a myriad of classes to support her evolution as a healer, teacher and for her own development and transformation.

Aurora is passionate about guiding her clients to achieve their goals of clearing old beliefs and aligning with their Higher Self. She encourages her clients to step into their own power. You will be tenderly cared for as you work with Aurora to heal what is holding you back from shining your light. Imagine living a life with more freedom, joy, and love.

Aurora resides in Boulder County Colorado with her husband of 30 years and has 3 adult children. She lives an active lifestyle with many interests, including yoga, watercolor painting, and enjoying peaceful bike rides on country roads.

Aurora would be honored to guide you through an intuitive healing session.


I met Aurora in 2018 when we were students together in Wendy’s Intuitive Healer Training Program. Since this time she has guided me through several personal healing sessions. Aurora has a beautiful, positive outlook and energy. She also has a strong spiritual connection and intuitive gifts. Working with her she creates a warm, accepting and compassionate healing space.

She has helped me to have some profound energetic shifts and move closer to my true authentic self.

Chawntay McKinzie LCSW
   Licensed Clinical Social Worker
   Certified EMDR Therapist

Aurora is an extraordinarily gifted intuitive healer, who is deeply in tune with her spiritual powers that she wields with grace and a heartfelt presence that puts me at ease and inspires me to draw on my own intuitive powers in healing myself. I love her enthusiasm for her work! It is clear to me that she loves this work so much that it has become her playground. She has held loving, welcoming space for me in sessions, always transitioning effortlessly with me as I moved through my process with her by my side, loving, supporting, comforting, inspiring, encouraging witnessing, guiding, reassuring. Aurora’s fluency in so many forms of intuitive healing puts me at ease to explore my inner landscape with confidence. Her wisdom in knowing when to step back and allow me to take the lead in a session empowers me and testifies that we are both in the embrace of Divine guidance.

Patricia ONeill
   Professor of Voice Emerita
   ATI Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique
   Louisiana State University

Just one session with Aurora helped me process and break through a mental block I had been struggling with for years. While working with her I felt supported and at peace. She helped me become re-grounded in who I am and seek truth over my situation. Her ability to listen and assist with insight and compassion is unparalleled.

Abby Crosen
   Kirkland, WA