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Benefits of Private Sessions With an Energy Healer

We all have past traumas needing our attention, love, and support because if left untouched, they build up and will affect our clarity, truth and well-being. Intuitive healing can help us heal our traumas by addressing the underlying layers of unprocessed emotions, imprints, and blocks that form in the body.

At a time when we are being asked to heal our wounds instead of suppressing them, it is important we face the past and allow unprocessed energy to surface. What is the most effective way to do this? I recommend sessions with an energy healer who can help guide you through clearing out the energy keeping you stuck and unable to move forward in every area of your life.

When it comes to intuitive healing, most people benefit from receiving a private session with a healer. A one-on-one session is one of the best ways to receive heart-centered and skilled support to process past hurt, pain and energy blocks preventing you from thriving in your life. During a session, you can expect to receive intuitive guidance and energy clearing from a healer who is gifted at facilitating Divine light and higher wisdom. A healer who works with Divine energy can offer you deep healing and also tools on how to support yourself in your day to day life.

While group sessions like my monthly Divine Healing Inner Circle Program are extremely beneficial as well, private sessions give you personalized intuitive healing, inner-awareness, inner peace and clarity. A private session from someone who has completed my SIS Intuitive Healer Training can help you not only release toxic emotions and energy, but also help you find the best tools and resources to aid you along your spiritual journey.

Other benefits of a private healing session include:

Identifying Root Issues to Improve

Whether you’re struggling with unrealized dreams or potential, unhealthy habits or lifestyle practices, or negative emotions that have lead to other problems in your life, it is important to recognize the root cause of these issues so you can move forward. A private session allows a healer to dig deep into these issues, so they pinpoint which areas need the most attention. This deeper connection and personalized attention is something you might be able to achieve in a group setting.

Personalized Healing

In a one-on-one session, your healer will be able to tune into YOU. By identifying the blocks you are carrying, your intuitive healer will support you with care, guidance, and energy clearing to release these blocks. One-on-one sessions are tailored to your healing, what you are currently struggling with and what you need to get out of the session. While you can still gain the tools and knowledge you need to move forward from past trauma or to actualize goals in a group session, a private session allows for your healer to give you heart-centered support and healing pertaining to your needs.

Healing is Collaborative

While your healer will be providing guidance throughout your session, in a personal session, your soul presents information in your highest good. In other words, an intuitive healer can only see what your system presents for the healer to see. As an intuitive healer sees or senses energy, the healer will discuss what is presenting in order to guide you in the best way possible.  You are also given the opportunity to open up and speak on the issues and emotions coming up for you and also how the healing is resonating for you. While there is a collaborative approach in a group session, a one-on-one setting gives you more personalized time to truly support your healing journey.

If you are interested in a private session with a healer, here’s a list of School of Intuitive Studies Healers along with information on how to become a SIS Healer. Our healers have completed qualified energy healer training and SIS certification and they are directly supported by me and adhere to our Code of Ethics.