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Does having a big heart mean what you think it does?

When you think about someone with a big heart, you may think of them as kind, generous, wouldn’t hurt a fly, emotionally connected, loving, and a really great person, right?

Yes, those are definitely aspects of having a big heart.

Did you also know that having a big heart can include depression, anxiety, putting others’ needs before your own, over-sensitivity and sometimes, jealously or resentment?

These aren’t all negative aspects of the heart, but they are what can come with having the positive aspects of a big heart.

From the energetic perspective, a big heart chakra is a wonderful characteristic…unless you were raised not knowing what to do with a big heart.

Someone who has a huge heart may end up feeling the weight of the world and tuned into everyone else around them, if they haven’t been supported with their feelings or given guidance on how to be in the world with a big heart.

Since I was a child I have felt both sides of my huge heart. I had to care take everyone around me and I deeply hurt when there wasn’t enough love for me. I lived with a lot of anxiety, not knowing what to do with all the emotions that I was feeling or picking up around me.

Fast-forward a few decades years, I am an intuitive healer and now work with many people who come to me with symptoms of anxiety, depression and over-sensitivity (just to name a few). What I asked them usually is:

“Do you find you are someone with a big heart? Meaning you care for others, you think about others needs before your own, your very generous, you give yourself away, you feel the pain of the world, and overtime that weight has really built up for you? So, you can’t pinpoint, why you are depressed or anxious, rather it’s a build up?”

10 out of 10 times their answer is “yes”.

If this feels like you, I have a guided healing for you to receive a healing while learning about the energetic and spiritual heart.

From an energetic perspective, the consciousness in your body may need healing and updating. Energy forms in your system based on what you are learning innately in your environment and history. You actually have to retrain the energy in your body in order shift patterns and discover more about who you are.

If you’d like to learn how to clear your energy right now, listen to this Guided Healing:
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I hope you enjoy this guided healing and if you found it helpful, feel free to leave a comment below.

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