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Is it Spiritual to Fight for What’s Right?

We are in a time where opposing sides politically, civilly ,and morally are greatly divided. It’s a time where advocacy is crucial and fighting for truth has always revolutionized change on the planet. I can wear pants, have a job and vote, and so can you if you identify as female, because women fought for…
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How to Clear Your Own Energy to Move Through Shock

You may be aware of the need to clear your own energy if you are feeling tired, run down, overwhelmed, or not yourself. However, another reason you may be taking on the energy of others and the world is by being in a chronic or recurrent state of shock.  Yes, with all happening in the…
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Racial Justice & Root Chakra Healing

This is the first statement that I’ve made on behalf of the School of Intuitive Studies on the issue of racism and white privilege.  It’s taken me awhile, mostly out of respect for the voices that need to be heard right now, but also out of my own personal processing, my own learning, and my…
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free holiday guided meditation

Solstice and Sacred Holiday Guided Meditation

As we journey into the sacred season of the 13 Holy nights, Christmas, a new year and a new decade, it’s time to release subconscious fears and expand more of your true light. Whether you are affected by doubts, fears, unworthiness, negativity, lack or any other energetic wounds and imprints that limit who you are…
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surviving the holidays as an empath

How to Survive the Holidays as a Sensitive or Empath

Because taking care of your energy is so important to overall health, I’m inspired to offer you some reminders of how to take care of your energy during the holidays… which is often energetic trigger territory! Care for your Nervous System During the holidays (and in life in general) we can ignore or push past…
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Woman sitting in sunshine

How to Support Yourself When Moving Through Transitions

How do you support yourself during transitions? Do you ever wonder if you need extra support during a transition? Some common transitional periods are leaving a job, moving to a new home, letting go of things or belongings, holding space for someone who is crossing over into the light, and moving into a new way…
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How to Heal From Anxiety and Depression

How Do I Heal from Anxiety and Depression

There are many reasons why anxiety and depression happen in the body, and I would like to share my perspective on how to heal anxiety and depression from an energy healing perspective. Anxiety and depression on an energetic level relate to the heart chakra. Anxiety can be felt in the heart. You may feel your…
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landscape with flowers

Trauma and Energy Healing

Energy Healing has not always directly addressed trauma in the same way psychotherapy does. However, the energy healing field has been changing has a result of the rise of trauma and the rise of consciousness bringing trauma to the surface to no longer stay suppressed.  Energy healing for trauma is more important than ever when…
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woman praying

Why Empaths So Easily Attract Narcissists

Why do narcissists and empaths attract each other? This is one of the top questions I receive in many of my talks and classes. Empaths naturally have a giving nature and empathy, and narcissists thrive on the need to feel important. Yet, what is happening underneath that has made the bond between narcissists and empaths…
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Why Why Do Regress After a Healing

What to Do When You Regress After an Energy Healing

Energy healing provides you with a way to get underneath the layers of physical, emotional, and energetic symptoms. Upon receiving healing, you may see immediate benefits, but what if those benefits fade and you feel yourself regress back to an old way or old symptoms?  Sometimes the healing process does not always walk a straight…
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What is Grounding and Tips On How to Do It

How to Use Grounding to Improve Your Life

There is power in grounding and standing in yourself.” – Wendy De Rosa Grounding or earthing is the process of reconnecting and realigning yourself energetically with the Earth. This technique is a tool you can use to settle the mind, and support you in developing a clear intuition so you can make better decisions. Grounding…
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