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[FREE Course] How To Develop Your Intuition

How to Strengthen Your Intuitive Gifts

The greater your ability to tune into your body and chakras, the easier it will be to access your intuition in all its forms. When you understand how to claim your unique gifts, you can consciously open to the full range of your intuitive powers. As of sensitive, intuitive, or empathic being, there can be…
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How the Energy Healing World is Changing

Do you have a calling to help others stop holding back so they can shine their inner light? There is great freedom in clearing your energy blocks and overcoming your fears so you can expand into the person you are meant to be now. As healers, we are here to help our clients work through…
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How to Tell If Your Heart Chakra Is Blocked

The heart chakra is a spiritual center in the body and is responsive to what goes on in the lower chakras (where we hold our personal boundaries, our ego, our conditioning, and our expectations of how to exist in this world). Typically, in our natural state of being, we often will live in the front…
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A Powerful Heart Chakra Healing Technique You Need to Know

As you move deeper into your healing journey, your connection to the Divine and your inner-self continues to strengthen. Although struggle and pain can still exist, connecting with the Divine can not only help source you, but also help your human part release from holding so much struggle and pain.    Do you have experiences…
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Help! I’m Struggling With the Visualization Process

Do you find that being an empath can feel like a curse? You are in great company! Many empaths struggle with overwhelm, absorption, and accessing and expressing authentic emotions, intuition, and power because these areas are often overtaken by other people’s feelings. Being an empath is a powerful experience, but it can also be a…
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How to Find a Good Energy Healer

Energy healing is a holistic health practice to help clear out blocks holding you back, better understand who you are, and support your journey to make lasting and powerful shifts toward living a more balanced, authentic life. Have you decided it is time to schedule a session with an energy healer? With endless options available…
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Nourish Your Soul Energy Healing Retreat in Costa Rica

Existing on this planet as a sensitive, aware, intuitive, human being requires opportunities for self care, connection, and healing. There is a call for those of us who are empathic and intuitive people to step into our power and light and live our gifts in the world. To do this, containers for deep healing, soul…
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How To Strengthen Your Intuition By Clearing Out the Noise

Have you ever been overwhelmed by the amount of information your system is processing, confused on what decisions to make, or unclear if what your sensing is coming from your intuition, fear, or somewhere else? This distracting noise can range from feelings of low self-worth, unprocessed emotions, imprints from childhood, and much more. Processing the…
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How to Honor the Sacred Light Within

If you are  busy dealing with holiday stress, feeling overwhelmed, and unbalanced, it is possible that you are having a hard time prioritizing your needs and experience real happiness during this season. Many people are expressing they are already this week beginning to feel the effects of this season’s changes. During the Winter season, the…
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