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[FREE Course] How To Develop Your Intuition

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Benefits of Private Sessions With an Energy Healer

We all have past traumas needing our attention, love, and support because if left untouched, they build up and will affect our clarity, truth and well-being. Intuitive healing can help us heal our traumas by addressing the underlying layers of unprocessed emotions, imprints, and blocks that form in the body. At a time when we…
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Four Aspects Of Our Masculinity and Femininity

We are not just male or female. We actually have four aspects of our masculinity and femininity: the Empowered Masculine, the Wounded Masculine, the Empowered Feminine and the Wounded Feminine. They all exist inside us and have been represented in how society and various cultures treat each other. Here is a bit more about what…
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Wendy De Rosa - A Highly Sensitive Person vs an Overly-Empathic Person

A Highly Sensitive Person vs an Overly-Empathic Person

What is the difference between a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) and an Overly-Empathic person. Is there a difference? Both HSPs and Overly Empathic people share similarities.  They are both sensitive to energy. An HSP, at minimum, is someone who is sensitive to energy, sounds, smells, being in crowded rooms, foods, sensitive digestive systems and may…
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How to Stop Taking on the Energy of Others

Do you often find yourself taking on the energy of the people surrounding you? Do you find yourself making others problems your problems or do you often feel anxious around others and unable to find your “center?”  You are in great company! People are waking up to their empathic nature in order to heal energy…
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3 Ways to Prevent Energy Vampires

One term used in the Energy Healing world for many decades is Energy Vampire. An Energy Vampire is someone who sucks the life out of you with their story or unhealed energy, leaving you feeling DRAINED. However, an important shift we need to make in our own personal healing, or spiritual healing is to stop…
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Are You an Empath and is Money often an Issue?

Money has never been one of my favorite topics to talk about in healing work. The reason is, I’m not an expert in money and I’m guided to talk about spiritual growth. Yet, money is spiritual by nature of the energy underneath it. Money, or lack of, is also the elephant in the room for…
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Energy Healing, Abandonment and The Root Chakra

What does the inability to get grounded, not sure how to feel feelings, fear of commitment, getting overly attached and then losing attachment all have in common? An imprint of abandonment in the lower body. Abandonment looks different for different people. For some it is the physical loss of a loved one in childhood. For…
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Energy Healing vs Soul Healing: How Does Energy Healing Work?

First, what is energy healing? Energy healing is the process of identifying the root imprints underneath a symptom and transforming the energy through various techniques. The imprint could be a stuck emotion, a trauma, an alter-energy that is not innate to the individual or beliefs. Energy healing requires intuiting into the subtle energy to identify…
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How to Manage Your Energy and Thrive During the Holidays

Whether you realize it or not, everything and everyone we engage with in life is made up of energy. We are affected positively and sometimes negatively by the energy with which we engage. Here are some practices you can immediately implement to manage your own energy can help you thrive through the busy holidays. Below…
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Wendy De Rosa’s Guided Meditations in Spanish

A beautiful healer, María Elena Romero Murguía, has been translating Wendy De Rosa’s Guided Meditations into Spanish. Her beautiful voice, music and imagery will guide you deeply into your energy body for clearing and relaxation. Enjoy topics such as: Building Confidence, Clearing the Grounding Cord Connection to the Earth Mother, and Clearing the Negative Energy…
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