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[FREE Course] How To Develop Your Intuition

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I Hung Up on 100 People

If you were on the Free Conference Call last Tuesday night, you were one of the people I hung up on.   It was a confusing few minutes for me because I was trying to figure out if the cry I was hearing from my daughter in the other room was a hunger cry, cranky cry…
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Wendy De Rosa Video

Full Moon in Taurus- How to work with the energy

Today is a Full Moon in Taurus . Full Moons tend to bring about a rise in intensity, fruition of efforts, or even a crisis to help you “see” more clearly what you have been unable to see. This full moon is said to stir up unresolved fear, specifically in financial matters and relationships. Has…
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Lakshmi Chant

Om Shri Maha Lakshmi Namaha– Recorded and performed by Wendy De Rosa BEGIN YOUR JOURNEY [Free Course]How To Develop Your IntuitionReady to develop your intuition and learn more about energy healing? Register below to access your FREE Audio Course. Get Access Now! You have Successfully Subscribed! Subscribe To Our NewsletterJoin our mailing list to…
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