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How to Clear Your Energy with the Help of Spirit Guides and Angels

Did you know that you have Divine helpers on the other side? Angels and Spirit Guides support your soul in this life, even in what may seem like impossible situations. You may sense, feel, or know their presence along your life journey; however, you may not immediately know or trust their support until many years later. 

Connecting with Spirit Guides and Angels requires faith that they are there. Angels are aspects of the Divine Source that bring peace, safety, comfort, love, protection, guided messages, and support to your soul on an unseen energetic level. Along your spiritual journey, you may become more in tune with and aware of the subtle energies around you. The energy of our Divine Angels is connected to the heart chakras, so once your spiritual heart opens it can guide you and help increase your consciousness.

Spirit Guides, on the other hand, may have once been human. They could be a past loved one, an ancestor, an animal, or a spirit that supports your soul’s evolution on this path of life.  Spirit Guides and Angels do not always appear together to someone, but in my work they do. They work together for the purposes of our growth, evolution, safety, and peace, and both offer guidance to support your inner healing. 

Through upper chakra intuition, such as mediumship, channeling, or psychic connection, some people channel messages from Spirit Guides and Angels. As a healer and teacher of intuition in a healthy, safe, and grounded way, my approach has always been to cultivate grounding and connection to the inner wisdom that lives in each individual.  The answers are already inside you, and the Spirit Guides and Angels come to awaken what already exists within you.

The phrase I use in my practice is “facilitating guidance” as opposed to “channeling”. This allows me to hold my center and sense of self as I translate the higher guidance that comes from Spirit Guides and Angels. 

Did you know that Angels and Spirit Guides can bring you a powerful frequency for healing? It’s called transmission or facilitation of Divine Light. When you pray, invoke, or ask for their help with healing, they will come and emit a transmission of healing light and wisdom to your soul.  

Some people have been called to connect with Spirit Guides and Angels to facilitate this healing for others. I can still remember the moment when my higher guidance opened up for me, I was in my early 20s and it was through meditation, prayer, daily hikes in the mountains, and cultivating the awareness of my central channel. I started to feel my higher guidance open up and my heart chakra expand. I was skeptical, and somewhat afraid, of the information that was coming through…but it was pure love. 

I had a gift, and my calling was to support people through higher consciousness, energy healing, and intuition. I just needed to say “yes” and accept the gift, then from that point forward my connection with Spirit Guides and Angels remained a part of my service in helping thousands of people experience powerful transformation. I facilitate messages and healing transmissions through, what I now call, Divine Guidance Healings.

Over the past 19+ years, I have facilitated monthly Divine Guidance Healings for my community and these opportunities are for people to receive deep energy clearing, alignment, and Divine messages that have been transformational in their lives. 

So, What is a Divine Guidance Healing?

In these POWERFUL healing calls, I tap into the collective group consciousness and our Spirit Guides and Angels to facilitate guided healing and energy clearing. When you experience this, you receive a transmission frequency and release years of blocked energy as you are held in a container of Divine love.   

The messages and healing delivered in the Divine Guidance Healings are directly for you as much as it is for the group collective. Even though I may not know exactly what you are working through personally at the time of the facilitation, your guides know. Through collective healing, you will gain deeper awareness through guided messages. 

I offer Divine Guidance Healings every month within our School of Intuitive Studies Membership.  If you cannot make the calls live, the healings are equally as powerful when you listen back. If you are part of the membership then you are part of the group, and your energy will be included in the intention of the healing. 

These group calls are empowering because they enable you to be your own healer. Not only do you receive what you need based on your intention to heal, but the experience itself strengthens your trust and your ability to self-heal. You also have the opportunity to ask me questions live after the healing and in the mid-month Community Integration Session, which is our second call of the month inside the membership. 

If you are interested in receiving Divine Guidance Healings to clear energy, align, heal and experience transformation on a deep energetic level each month, space is available for you in our School of Intuitive Studies Membership.  As a member, you’ll have the opportunity to receive monthly hour-long Divine Guidance Healing and ask Wendy questions live! We hope to see you there!