You are currently viewing Plan your 2023 retreat! Secure your spot in Costa Rica or Fiji

Plan your 2023 retreat! Secure your spot in Costa Rica or Fiji

This past July broke my 3-year pandemic hiatus from live and in-person events, and it was an amazing experience! We gathered for a powerful 7 days of joy, meditation, healing, movement, singing, surfing and more at Blue Spirit Resort in Costa Rica.

I’d love to show you a glimpse of this experience below and share with you how you can save your spot in Costa Rica…or Fiji next year!

While we were in the retreat, many people emailed or sent messages asking if I was hosting another one in Costa Rica next year.  

The answer is YES…and we are also considering one in Fiji because we have so many students in Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, Japan, etc that can’t always make it to the US or Central America. 

I mean, seriously!  Fiji…Costa Rica…either will be amazing!!

I have to be strategic in planning in-person events, and they will fill up quickly.  To help me determine what type of venue to decide on, timing and location, it helps to know how many people are interested in either one!

So, you can hold your spot now for either Fiji or Costa Rica next summer and receive priority enrollment, room choice, and special pricing with a $100 refundable deposit for either retreat.  Both would be $200!  The balance would either be forwarded toward your enrollment or refunded if plans change.

Here are the dates we are looking at:

Potential dates: June 3-10 or 10-17 (subject to change, but will be in late May or early June)
Save my spot!

Nosara, Costa Rica
Potential dates: July 8-15 or July 15-22 (subject to change, but will most likely be in this date range)
Save my spot!

You can secure your spot at either one or both through the links below and have priority booking when we open registration and announce the full details. 

Save my spot for Fiji

Save my spot for Nosara, Costa Rica

Wendy’s retreats normally range between $1700-$3500 depending on single or double occupancy.  We will know more once we book the venue and have interest.  Saving your spot with a refundable $100 does not tie you to attending the retreat. It allows you to be the first to know and book before we open it up to the public, and it allows us to know how many people are interested, so we secure a venue with the best pricing. It is refundable, so if the retreat or pricing does not work for you, you can receive a refund.

I promise that either option will be a heart-filled opportunity for transformation and awe. I look forward to being with you on a retreat in 2023!