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Divine Guidance Healing: Expanding The Spiritual Heart

Are you called to make big changes in your life right now?

Good changes.

Hard changes.

Necessary Changes.

Heart-filled Changes?

We are in a time of Heart Expansion and are called to live life with greater love.

We just may need some healing work along the way. If you feel you do, then next week’s Divine Guidance Healing is to help you in this process.

In preparation for next week’s call, I wanted to share with you an explanation of what it means to Expand the Spiritual Heart:

We have 3 aspects of our heart:

The Physical Heart

The Emotional Heart

The Spiritual Heart.

The physical and emotional heart relate to our human experience, which is “of this world” and “of the Ego”. To explain this further, our life experiences either impact us in a positive or negative way, and either way these experiences become part of our human story. The human story (or Ego) affects how we relate to emotions or carry emotions. For example, if you’ve had your heart broken in the past, you may feel guarded and scared to open your heart to love again. Over time, our emotional well-being affects our physical heart, mind and body. Grief unprocessed, for example, can affect respiratory health or a weakened heart.

The spiritual heart does not carry our story. It holds our truth, or True Self, which is free of the Ego. Our spirit is always evolving and inviting our Ego consciousness to grow. In our spirit’s desire to evolve, we may be called to change jobs, marriages, homes, lifestyle, dreams, and move more in the direction of aligning our True Self with Divine Spirit.  This can be hard for the Ego part of us that is attached to habits, lifestyles, and expectations that do not reflect our True Self.

Expansion of the Spiritual Heart is when you are called to live more in alignment with spirit and that can mean that something in the Ego’s story has to change.

If this speaks to you, access this recording and my audio recording library available in the Guided Meditation Club.

With love,