Eliana Baccas

“Real change happens when we embody the wisdom we gain”

– these words came to me several years ago, toward the end of my training at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, and they reflect my vision of what is possible for each of us, as we fully embrace what it means to commit to the healing process. 

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For over 4 decades, I have been working with clients and students on a spiritual and somatic level.  I began teaching Yoga in the late 70’s, and found that my teaching brought forth the spiritual, unseen aspect of the physical practice, using yoga as an energy healing process.  This was expanded through my many years of study with Yoga teachers, Angela Farmer and Victor van Kooten, who helped to awaken my root chakra and my back body. Other somatic study and experience for me has included Yoga Therapy, Shiatsu massage, Rebirthing, and Healing Touch.

In the early 2000’s, I was privileged to meet the great Vedanta teacher, Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati, and began to make frequent trips to India to absorb the wisdom of this ancient tradition through his masterful teaching.

My study to become an Intuitive Energy healer through the sage guidance of Wendy DeRosa has enabled me to integrate the study of ancient wisdom into a somatic practice of energy healing.  I enjoy the collaboration with my clients who come to me for guidance as they hunger for living more fully in a way that frees them to embody who they came here to be.  I love seeing them blossom and develop in ways they never thought possible for most of their lives!

I am called to work with people who are interested in the deeper healing journey, which requires the courage to drop into the root chakra and lower body, to address issues such as lack, insecurity, loneliness, and fear – in order to heal what keeps them from actualizing that they are already whole, light-filled beings, embracing the knowledge of deep worth.

“No matter where you are, Eliana will meet you and support you on your healing journey.”

Eliana Baccas is a truly gifted healer, with deep empathy and radical compassion. She is exceedingly calm and grounded and creates a beautiful and safe space for exploring multiple levels of vulnerability. In each of our sessions together, Eliana’s insights have guided me to a particular piece of healing that I needed at that exact moment in my life. I am so appreciative of her deep listening and steady guidance, as well as her wonderful sense of humor! No matter where you are, Eliana will meet you where you are and support you on your healing journey.”

 ~ Lisa Rothe, Theater Director, Acting Coach, and Intuitive Healer

“Eliana follows her intuition beautifully. She listened with compassion and wisdom to my needs in each healing session.”

Eliana brings to her healing sessions a lifetime of deep spiritual training and experience. I have had the privilege to know Eliana for over 30 years and have shared portions of her journey as a spiritual aspirant and healer.  I know from long experience, that she is a very compassionate, grounded, deeply spiritual healer. I have had several sessions with Eliana through the Intuitive Healer Training Program. Each session uniquely addressed the issues I presented. Eliana follows her intuition beautifully. She listened with compassion and wisdom to my needs in each healing session.

In our most recent healing session, we explored my tendency to over-give and lack of emotional protective boundaries. In that session, Eliana helped me cancel this contract, and realize that I don’t need to give myself away in order to be loved or to feel worthy. I am deeply grateful to have experienced Eliana’s caring, support, and friendship.”

~ Melinda Holland, J.D.

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