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Embrace the Winter Solstice

As we welcome the upcoming sacred season of the holidays, it’s time to release subconscious fears and expand more of your true light. 

During this season we also welcome the winter solstice. This is a 3-day period beginning on December 20th where the Northern Hemisphere has tilted away from the sun, making it the longest and darkest 3 nights of the year and the shortest days with little amounts of daylight. 

This is a very sacred time of rest and reflection before the slow build toward brighter days to come. During these 3 days, the dark may conquer the light, but it’s a necessary period to become still and welcome the brightest days that await us. 

Whether you are affected by doubts, fears, unworthiness, negativity, lack, or any other energetic wounds that limit who you are here to be, I have a gift to help support you in getting grounded into your true light.

Listen below to this guided meditation, let your mind relax, and allow your heart to open to the energy healing that happens here. Writing in a journal can also be a great way to integrate this healing and enrich your sacred connection over the upcoming solstice. 

In honor of the big light within you, here is a winter solstice guided meditation for you…

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May your bright awakening bless the world.

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