Emily Weaver

Hello! Thank you for visiting my page.

In my work with clients, be it energy work, therapy, or coaching, I bring warmth, humor, deep listening, curiosity, and my intuition. Being a human in this world is sometimes a tricky business. To be human is to carry a stunning array of feelings and emotions, in our energetic bodies, that sometimes are delightful and sometimes are exquisitely painful. Many of us did not grow up in a culture or family where we were encouraged to develop deep introspection and respect for how our emotions impact our lives. We often develop sophisticated ways to stay out of connection with our feelings and our body’s wisdom.

My work is centered around helping you to develop a true curiosity about how your energetic body works with you or against you, so that you can heal and move more deeply into your true Self. Together, we work, at your pace, to foster a sense of safety that allows you to explore, process and heal deeply held beliefs, feelings, and emotions that impact your ability to fully embody your physical and spiritual bodies. As you develop awareness of what you have absorbed and carried through your life, and even what you may have carried from past lives or from ancestors, I will support you by helping you to learn to release what does not serve you and to integrate the healing, so you are more consciously connected to yourself, your spirit, and your life. Each healing session is different. After hearing what you wish to explore and heal, we might do a general Chakra clearing, focus on a particular chakra or area of your body where you are holding energy that does not serve you, or co-create strategies that when practiced may lead to greater ease in your life.

I am a Certified Advanced Intuitive Energy Healer & Certified Facilitator through the School for Intuitive Studies. As a psychotherapist I am informed by psychodynamic, cultural relational, systems theory, as well as by my intuition and understanding of how energy works in our systems.

I have training in Hakomi therapy, Reiki, Advanced Integrative Therapy, and trauma healing. I have a long-standing meditation practice and have deeply studied the Chakra system.

Thank you for your interest in my work. Please contact me if you would like an energy or coaching session or if you have questions. I can meet with you via Zoom or telephone.

An hour session with
Emily is $150

You can also purchase a package of (3) 1-hour sessions for $400