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Energy Healing, Abandonment and The Root Chakra

What does the inability to get grounded, not sure how to feel feelings, fear of commitment, getting overly attached and then losing attachment all have in common?

An imprint of abandonment in the lower body.

Abandonment looks different for different people. For some it is the physical loss of a loved one in childhood. For example, the parent left, passed away, or diverted attention and primary attachment to somewhere or someone else outside the home. When repair has not happened, an imprint of I’m not good enough, lovable or worthy (of love) can form.

There is also emotional abandonment. For example, rejection, punishment or withdrawing love when a child expresses emotions or has an emotional need. When not repaired, This leaves the imprint that it is not okay for me to have my feelings, therefore, I will abandon my emotions, myself or others when emotions are present.

Abandonment is an energetic imprint in the body. Imprints are patterns or blocks that form in the energetic system from a life experience that have left and impression consciously or subconsciously. In this video below I talk about how the imprint of abandonment forms in the body, how abandonment affects your Root Chakra, and how to work with healing the imprint of abandonment.

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