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Unraveling the Unspoken Words and Silent Emotions
that Hold Tight in the Jaw

February 7 @ 4:00 pm PT

Have you ever found yourself clenching your jaw, grinding your teeth at night, or experiencing a lump in your throat or a burning sensation in your heart? These physical manifestations often signal that there are unspoken words and suppressed emotions lurking within. It’s essential to acknowledge and release these pent-up feelings to restore balance and harmony to your life. This event offers a profound, guided healing experience designed to help you release the suppressed energy that obstructs your ability to express your inner truth. By addressing and releasing the stifled emotions held within your throat chakra, you can regain control of your voice and unlock the deeper truth that resides within you. Join this transformative experience and take the first step toward emotional freedom and authentic self-expression.

Clearing the Blocks to Loving Your Body

March 6 @ 11:00 am PT

Our thoughts, feelings, habits, and attitudes towards our bodies are deeply influenced by beliefs that were imprinted in us long before we had words to express them. Culturally ingrained and societal messages have often instilled the idea that something is inherently wrong with our bodies, whether it’s related to aging, weight, proportions, or functions. This healing event is dedicated to supporting you in the process of clearing subconscious judgments, self-hatred, comparisons, and limiting beliefs about your body. The ultimate goal is to foster self-love and acceptance of your body just as it is. By clearing the subconscious judgments and societal beliefs that have held you back from embracing your body, you can find love and acceptance for the body you inhabit. This Divine Guidance Healing promises to be a transformative experience that guides you toward a healthier and more loving relationship with your physical self.

Your Worth is Calling You: Overcoming the Fear of Your Light and Authentic Joy

April 3 @ 4:00 pm PT

Is it hard to find contentment in your accomplishments? Is your output overpowering your input? Are you feeling helpless in what you cannot control? Your worth may be calling you. Your worth is deeply connected to how much joy you experienced in your youth just being authentically you.  Joy is a state of flow that opens doors to manifesting your desires, achieving success, and feeling a deep sense of worthiness. When it isn’t safe to share or express joy and authenticity, that light becomes suppressed.  Rekindling the link between your light, your joy, and your worth is a subconscious journey of inner healing.  That’s what Divine Guidance Healings are for!

When you step into a Divine Guidance Healing, you are held in a container of support, love, and Divine light. Once the Angels and Guides start facilitating the messages and guided healing, you are taking on a journey into your subconscious and energy body to clear life-long blocks, karmic imprints, and wounds you don’t need to keep living with.  By releasing the historical, ancestral, and karmic energy that has held you back, you can embrace joy as your birthright and rebuild your connection to your worth. Imagine feeling joyful, worthy, and connected without the other “stuff” in the way. This deep guided meditation will support you in paving the way to feeling worthy of your light.

Releasing Outdated Fears that Block Abundance,
Security, and Trust

May 1 @ 11:00 am PT

Abundance and security are closely intertwined with trust. Trust is the essential ability to relax into the present moment and allow life to unfold. However, when your body and soul carry a heavy burden of historical fears, the notion of relaxing into the moment may seem unsafe, leading to a contraction that hinders trust. This, in turn, blocks the pathways to abundance and security. This transformative healing is dedicated to providing you with the support needed to release the ancestral fears that have held you back from embracing abundance, security, and trust.  By shedding these ancestral fears, you can open yourself to a life filled with trust, well-being, and prosperity. Join this deep guided meditation to let go of old ancestral fears that keep you from accessing abundance, security, and trust.

Healing the Uncertainty of Becoming and Embracing the In-Between

June 5 @ 4:00 pm PT

As human beings, we are often personally and collectively thrust into the unknown about the future. Whether it is with the economy, an election year, technological advancements, sickness in the body, consciousness evolving, or how to simply be. In response, we can inadvertently allow uncertainty to define our experience of the unknown through avoidance, disengagement, or force entrapping us in a cycle of fear. But there is another perspective we can choose to understand our experience and leverage emotions to embrace empowerment. The positioning of uncertainty within the transitions of life is a call to deepen our connection to ourselves and our stillness because, in that space, we are becoming…more true, more honest, and more authentic. Yet, it’s awkward to be in the unknown, the silence, the discomfort, and the transitions as we become more whole.  In this Divine Guidance Healing, you will receive Angelic Energy clearing to support your healing in the space between who you were and who you are becoming. This guided healing will help clear fears that are arising and nurture your soul through life’s transitions.

In-Person Retreats & Workshops

OMEGA - Uncover Your Light

Clear Energy That Blocks Your Intuition & Calling

June 7-9, 2024, Rhinebeck, NY

Do you feel disconnected from your soul? Is stress taking over instead of soul connection, intuition, and confidence? As intuitive energy healer Wendy De Rosa explains, we all carry conditioning that has helped us survive, belong, and coexist in an evolving world. Underneath is your light that is meant for this world. The central channel in the energetic system is the center of this light.

Discover the healing and inspiration that occurs when you release the blocks to your soul’s light in this guided journey with Wendy. In this workshop, you:

  • Release survival conditioning that no longer serves you
  • Explore the power of your central channel as the dwelling place of your soul
  • Experience guided energy clearings to release embedded patterns in your body
  • Gain access to your inner light, deeper truth, joy, and intuition

Sun, Sea, & Song for Empaths, Sensitives, & Intuitives

July 6-13, 2024, Costa Rica

Existing on this planet as an empathic, sensitive, aware, intuitive human being requires opportunities for self-care, connection, and healing. There is a call for empathic and intuitive people to step into their power and light and live their gifts in the world.

To do this, energy healing becomes vital for clear intuition, healthy boundaries, a strong center, integrity, self-love, and a deep connection with your soul. In this evolutionary time on the planet, it’s the deep energy healing work that calls each of us to a newer and truer way of being.

Join world-renowned intuitive energy healing teacher, healer, and author, Wendy De Rosa, for an opportunity to nourish your soul with Divinely Guided Healings to release old wounds and outdated energy and connect more powerfully to your intuition.

Healing through the Holidays

A 3-hour Online Healing Experience

Join Wendy De Rosa for a powerful workshop packed with life-changing information to support you in being held, supported, grounded, heart-centered, and empowered this holiday season!
The holidays bring up a lot of different emotions for different people. No matter how you feel about the holidays, you are worthy of receiving healing to help you stay grounded, centered, clear, and embodied in your true being as you step forward into 2024.

Energy Healing & Intuition Training

An In-Depth Online Training to Develop Your Intuition
& Align to Your True Calling

Build Your Toolkit of Powerful Intuitive Energy Healing Techniques to Clear The Out-dated Energy that Blocks Your Intuition and the True Light of Your Soul.

It’s time to awaken your intuitive abilities, for these times are calling us out of hiding, and into the full expression of who you are here to be personally, professionally, and as a human being.

Take a deep dive into the chakras to explore and release energy that no longer serves you. Learn to access the full range of your intuitive gifts, which will allow you to heal deeply and move through the world, feeling grounded and empowered, and so much more.

What’s Happening Now at the School of Intuitive Studies

We hold healing and meditation events throughout the year — from online events you can access from the comfort of home to retreats that whisk you to the most breathtaking parts of the world.

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Embodied Yoga Class: 2nd Friday of each month

@ 8 am - 9 am PT

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To help integrate the powerful healing work you receive from Wendy, join us for Embodied Yoga with Christine Cipra every 2nd Friday of each month from 8 am – 9 am PT. All bodies and levels of ability are welcome for this slow, deep stretch practice that is focused on embodying the deep energy work you experience with The School of Intuitive Studies.
Your sessions begin and end with a short guided meditation. The time in between might include seated, reclining, and standing postures, with a focus on embodiment and the breath. Christine is a graduate of the advanced IHTP, and will offer various options to meet you where you are. Through Embodied Yoga, you will align and deepen the relationship with yourself.
Christine is a graduate of Wendy’s Advance Intuitive Healing Training Program. She has been a student of yoga and meditation since 1999 and has been teaching for over 20 years. She has studied and traveled extensively in India and with senior teachers from all over the world. Her meditation experience includes having sat over 11, ten-day, seated, silent, and vipassana meditations. She studied pranayama, chanting, and yoga therapy at the prestigious Krishnamacharya School in Chennai, India. Her yoga teacher training was steeped in the ancient yogic texts from the Swami Vivekananda Yoga Mandarim in South India.
Christine holds a masters in social work and has a background in massage therapy and Trauma Sensitive Yoga. Her individual and group sessions focus on creating strength and flexibility, with attention to alignment and breath, linking the body, breath, mind, and spirit: slowing down for a deeply embodied, meditation in motion. Christine is guided by her intuition, and depth of experience and sets a safe space for people to explore and be deeply embodied.

Divine Guidance Healing: Loving, Forgiving, and Making Peace with Your Inner Teenager

Nov 1 @ 4 pm PT

Inner child work helps us connect to a consciousness within that carries our emotional unmet needs and our intuition.  Sometimes, it can be hard to connect with the inner child because the inner teenager’s needs call for attention too, and sometimes forgiveness.  Rebellion is a normal stage of development between the ages of 11 and 25.  If you carry shame about rebellious expression or confusing times, this is the time period that this Diving Guidance Healing will focus on to heal any gap toward self-love. 

What is a Divine Guidance Healing? 

In these POWERFUL healing calls, Wendy taps into the collective of the group consciousness and our spirit guides and angels to facilitate guided healing and energy clearing. You will release years of blocked energy as you are held in a container of Divine love.   

The messages and healing delivered in the Divine Guidance Healings are directly for you as much as it is for the group collective. Even though Wendy may not know exactly what you are working through personally at the time of the call, your guides know. Through collective healing, you will gain deeper awareness through the guided messages. If you cannot make the calls live, the healings are equally as powerful when you listen back. If you are part of the membership, you are part of the group, and your energy will be included in the intention of the healing. 

This group call is empowering because it enables you to be your own healer. Not only do you receive what you need based on your intention to heal, but the experience itself strengthens your trust and your ability to self-heal.  You will also have the opportunity to ask Wendy questions live after the healing and in the mid-month Community Integration Session. 

Community Integration Session

Nov 15 @ 11 am PT

Each month Wendy connects with the SIS membership community live to support them with what may be arising that month after the Divine Guidance Healing earlier in the month.  This is your opportunity to ask Wendy questions LIVE and be held in a supportive container with the School of Intuitives Studies Faculty and staff.

Participants LOVE this call as much as the Divine Guidance Healing!

To Join this Q&A session, become a SIS Member!

Holiday event with Wendy De Rosa

Dec 9: Stay tuned for more details!

Live Speaking Engagements

with Wendy De Rosa

Founder, The School of Intuitive Studies and the creator of The Intuitive Healer Training Program.

Wendy De Rosa

Professional Intuitive Healer

As a professional intuitive healer, Wendy has trained and mentored healers and Intuitives from all corners of the globe, been featured in the media, authored best-selling books and numerous articles. If you’d like to book Wendy to speak at your upcoming event, please connect here.


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