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The School of Intuitive Studies has numerous events throughout the year focused on healing and meditation—everything from webinars you can access from the comfort of your home to retreats that whisk you to the most breathtaking parts of the world.

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Divine Healing Inner Circle Monthly Membership

 A live Webcast by Wendy

Are you looking for deep healing from a skilled healer for your personal and spiritual growth? Do you want to release old and rooted blocks as you are bathed in the pure Divine frequency of healing?

Does your body completely relax at the idea of being held in a container of support, healing, and growth?

If you are feeling the call, desiring to let go, and yet your wounds are surfacing, you are being called to a deeper awakening. This community is a safe and nurturing space through which you can experience monthly healings, spiritual and intuitive education, focus for a daily practice (sadhana), and live interaction with Wendy to share your questions and breakthroughs.

2021 Dates & Topics:
Time: 4:00pm PDT / 7:00pm EDT
Note: The calls are always on the 1st Wednesday of the month

April 7th: Free Your Hips and Creative Essence by Clearing Intergenerational Wounds of the Patriarchy
So much is held in the hips. Mother wounds, mothering, emotions, rejection of self, fear, guilt, shame, nurturing, resilience. It can be quite a mix. It also becomes an area of the body that houses history, including intergenerational beliefs and wounds of the patriarchy. While masculine energy is not fear-based, rather protective, strong and proactive, the patriarchy is an aspect of the wounded masculine. It is fear based, dominating controlling, manipulative, and disconnected from the heart.  This is also the energy that fears the feminine and suppresses feminine aspects such as emotions, sensitivity, vulnerability, creativity, intuition and more.  When raised with patriarchal energy ancestrally, there is bound to be energy to clear in the second chakra and hips to restore feminine essence.  This healing is to support the release of outdated energy and make space for more of your vitality and feminine essence, which both men and women have.

May 5: Wisdom Keepers, Intuitives, Mystics, Sensitives and Empaths: A Healing to Cleanse and  Root You in the Power of Why You Are Here. 
The healers of the world need healing! If you relate too being sensitive, empathic, intuitive and carriers of wisdom, this healing is for you. It will be an energetic detox to clear energy of others and internalized energy that no longer serves you.  This clearing then supports you in grounding more powerfully in knowing your gift and why you are here. It’s medicine to your soul to relax, receive and release for all the ways that you give in the world. 

June 2: Healing The Pain of Not Belonging & Restore the Power of Your Presence
Existence issues include beliefs of, “I don’t belong here”, “I don’t fit in”, “I reject my body”, and a loss of self in a way that makes you vulnerable to being take advantage of, or giving your power away to people you may view as having more power. Cult followers or people who have been brain washed can carry existence issues.  Yet, we also live in a time where it is hard to exist sometimes.  That may feel true when we’ve become unplugged from the truth of your purpose on this earth.  The fear of belonging is a wound to heal because belonging in your body lifts a blindfold to your empowered presence. 

July 7: Healing for your Sacred Heart: Joy, Love, Silence, Peace and Reverence for the Divine Within You
While we spend time healing and clearing wounds in the DHIC, this month’s healing is an easeful bathing in the light of Divine love to support the powers of your sacred heart.  Love, joy, laughter, peace, kindness are all powers of the heart. This healing is a gentile but powerful infusion of Divine consciousness to support your energy body in feeling elevated!

Aug 4:  Healing Resistance to Forgiveness: Release Patterns Keeping You From Being in Divine Flow
Have you ever felt the pressure to forgive someone because it’s the “good” or “right” thing to do? Pressuring yourself to forgive by overriding deeper needs and feelings that need to be seen and processed never really lends to authentic forgiveness. Somehow we are not quite energetically free.  Your resistance to forgiving is wisdom and so is forgiveness itself.  In this healing we will honor both and support any clearing needed for forgiveness to feel authentic.  It’s a deep letting to support a feeling of freedom and upliftment. 

Sept 1: Allowing the Divine to Support You through The Current of Change
Change is not always easy, but an inevitable aspect of life. How do you embrace change? Does fear arise? Do you thrive in change?  Are you in constant change or flux? This healing is to support your system through external and deeper inner changes that happen on the physical, emotional and spiritual level in the body. Allow the DIvine to support you through currents of change through this powerful energy clearing. 

Oct 6: Releasing the Past Life and Ancestral Wounds of Expressing Your Heart’s Truth
Throat chakra clearing is essential often. We carry so much karmic, ancestral and emotional energy in the throat chakra.  Some is conscious and some is deeply held and subconscious.  In this healing you will be given the opportunity to release held energy in your throat chakra to make way for your higher wisdom, deeper truth and expression of your authentic self. 

Nov 3: Honoring the Earth and Recalibrating to Her Rhythm for Deep Grounding and Healing
The season of Fall moves us from the periphery of our being inward to the center of the trunk of our inner tree. The earth invites us to harvest what we have been cultivating and get grounded in where we are now in our lives.  This healing is a deep journey into grounding and connection to the Mother Earth’s frequencies. It’s a restoration healing for your nervous system, heart, mind and body.  

Dec 1: A Sacred Journey Through a Full Chakra Clearing to Reset and Align your Body, Mind and Soul
We’ll complete 2020 with a healing journey through a full body chakra clearing.  This healing will align you to the spiritual frequencies that are vibrant during this sacred holiday season, and also support you with energetic boundaries and embodying your light. You can relax and receive a full chakra clearing to rebalance and align your body at the end of the year. 

Receive healing from your Spirit Guides and Angels each month facilitated by Wendy. To join, participate monthly and become a member of the Divine Healing Inner Circle by clicking below

The Dance of the Mystic and the Empath

A 2-day Online Retreat to Clear Energetic Blocks, Strengthen Boundaries & Embody Your Intuitive Healing Gifts

Date: March 20th and March 21st, 2021

This virtual retreat will feature LIVE teachings, interactive training sessions, experiential practices, and guided healings with Wendy. Together, they’ll give you a profound experience of Wendy’s signature depth-practices, tools, and techniques.

Intuitive Healer Training Program
Spring 2021 Live Virtual Training

LIVE Virtual Training Retreat Wendy

Date: April 2021
Open Enrollment: November 2020

Live virtual training with Wendy De Rosa for students who enroll in the Spring 2021 Intuitive Healer Training Program

Becoming an Empowered Empath: How to Clear Energy, Set Boundaries & Embody Your Intuition

Monday April 5th
8 am MT Better Connecticut WFSB-TV – Virtual Interview
Producer: Sarah Tyrol – (860) 244-1748
Host: Kara Sundlun

Thursday April 8th
7 pm PT/ 8 pm MT

Saturday April 17th
5 pm PT / 6 pm MT
My Seven Chakras – VIDEO Interview

Energy Medicine Conference

Rescheduled for August 13-15, 2021 due to COVID

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As an empath, you “feel” other people’s energy. And as an overly empathic person, you may “take on” or merge with other people’s energy—becoming stressed, overwhelmed, or ill. Yet, your empathic power is a unique healing gift.

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Wendy De Rosa
Wendy De Rosa

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Professional Intuitive Healer
As a professional intuitive healer, she’s trained and mentored healers and Intuitives from all corners of the globe, been featured in the media, authored best-selling books and numerous articles. If you’d like to book Wendy to speak at your upcoming event, please connect here.

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