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We hold healing and meditation events throughout the year — from online events you can access from the comfort of home to retreats that whisk you to the most breathtaking parts of the world.

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Discover How to Detox Your Energy Body, Set Boundaries & Embody Your Empatic Intuition​

Saturday August 28th, 2021

Discover how to stop taking on other people’s energy, clear inherited patterns in your root chakra, and thrive as an intuitive empath. Explore your gifts as an empath and your role in creating evolutionary change — in your life, your community, and our world.

Are you sensing an increase in energy around you?

You might be tuning into energy and feeling overstimulated… but you might also be sensing the creative lifeforce energy emerging that is bringing about change — an emerging vibration that’s growing

Why is that?

As consciousness continues to rise in this new world, your energy body is evolving to a new level of being. Out of that comes the new ways your system communicates, receives information — and can impact the lives of others along the way.

As usual, empaths feel it all. And so, you’re being called to evolve on a spiritual, energetic soul level…

Join Wendy De Rosa for a powerful new workshop and discover how, as an empath or sensitive person, you have a pivotal role to play in the new consciousness evolution..

Fall 2021

Allowing the Divine to Support You through The Current of Change

Wednesday September 1st, 2021

Change is not always easy, but an inevitable aspect of life. How do you embrace change? Does fear arise? Do you thrive in change?  Are you in constant change or flux? This healing is to support your system through external and deeper inner changes that happen on the physical, emotional and spiritual level in the body. Allow the DIvine to support you through currents of change through this powerful energy clearing.

How to Honor Your Empathic Gifts by Shifting Over-Sensitivity Into Powerful Intuition

Saturday, September 25, 2021 at 10:00am PT - 1pm ET

Experience a guided practice to soothe and clear your throat chakra — the portal to energetic and spiritual blocks — so you can maintain stronger energetic boundaries and connect with your deepest truth.

If you’re an empath, sensitive person, or intuitive, your gift is sensing the emotions and energy that lie beneath the surface of our lives that most people miss…

However, this gift also means you may be unintentionally absorbing other people’s energy, which can leave you feeling disempowered and overwhelmed by the state of the world. You might even feel as though you’ve lost your connection with your own power, needs, and desires.

Join us for a life-affirming hour-long event as Wendy De Rosa — celebrated author, speaker, and founder of the School of Intuitive Studies — shares how you can thrive as an empath, sensitive person, or intuitive, instead of just surviving…

Releasing the Past Life and Ancestral Wounds of Expressing Your Heart’s Truth

Wednesday October 6th, 2021

Throat chakra clearing is essential often. We carry so much karmic, ancestral and emotional energy in the throat chakra.  Some is conscious and some is deeply held and subconscious.  In this healing you will be given the opportunity to release held energy in your throat chakra to make way for your higher wisdom, deeper truth and expression of your authentic self. 

Honoring the Earth and Recalibrating to Her Rhythm for Deep Grounding and Healing

Wednesday November 3rd, 2021

The season of Fall moves us from the periphery of our being inward to the center of the trunk of our inner tree. The earth invites us to harvest what we have been cultivating and get grounded in where we are now in our lives.  This healing is a deep journey into grounding and connection to the Mother Earth’s frequencies. It’s a restoration healing for your nervous system, heart, mind and body. 

Winter 2021

A Sacred Journey Through a Full Chakra Clearing to Reset and Align your Body, Mind and Soul

Wednesday December 1st, 2021

We’ll complete 2021 with a healing journey through a full body chakra clearing.  This healing will align you to the spiritual frequencies that are vibrant during this sacred holiday season, and also support you with energetic boundaries and embodying your light. You can relax and receive a full chakra clearing to rebalance and align your body at the end of the year.

Become an Intuitive Healer

A Yearlong Training to Amplify Your Innate Intuitive Gifts &
Activate Your Divine Calling as a Healer

Deepen your intuitive abilities to help you heal yourself and others…

Your intuitive gifts are emerging and you sense a calling to heal and help others. On some level, you’ve always known that your soul incarnated for this moment — and that your personal healing journey is interwoven with your Higher Mission.

In this yearlong depth training program, Wendy will guide you to develop fundamental skills to expand your intuition. 

You’ll clear energy blocks, heal familial and ancestral wounds, and align your energy and intentions with your soul and the Divine.   

Wendy and her co-facilitators will share a range of tools and practices that will empower you as you deepen your intuitive gifts — and guide others along their healing path.

Live Speaking Engagements

with Wendy De Rosa

Founder, The School of Intuitive Studies and the creator of The Intuitive Healer Training Program.

Professional Intuitive Healer

As a professional intuitive healer, Wendy has trained and mentored healers and Intuitives from all corners of the globe, been featured in the media, authored best-selling books and numerous articles. If you’d like to book Wendy to speak at your upcoming event, please connect here.


Looking to raise the vibration of your conference, workshop, corporate event, business event, networking group, or retreat, and help your audience connect to the best part of themselves. Learn more about how you can schedule Wendy.

Divine Healing Inner Circle

Monthly Membership

Receive a Divine Healing from Wendy each month inside a safe, intimate circle that enriches your journey like never before.

During these sacred healing sessions, you’ll receive energy clearing from Wendy as she connects to Spirit Guides and Angels — so you can live fully as an expression of your true light. 

Whatever your worries or struggles are, the Angels and Guides know exactly what you need, and guide healing at the deepest level. 

Each session is 90 minutes and will include a live Q&A with Wendy.