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The School of Intuitive Studies has numerous events throughout the year focused on healing and meditation—everything from webinars you can access from the comfort of your home to retreats that whisk you to the most breathtaking parts of the world.

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Events and Retreats

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Divine Healing Inner Circle Monthly Membership

 A live Webcast by Wendy

Are you looking for deep healing from a skilled healer for your personal and spiritual growth? Do you want to release old and rooted blocks as you are bathed in the pure Divine frequency of healing?

Does your body completely relax at the idea of being held in a container of support, healing, and growth?

If you are feeling the call, desiring to let go, and yet your wounds are surfacing, you are being called to a deeper awakening. This community is a safe and nurturing space through which you can experience monthly healings, spiritual and intuitive education, focus for a daily practice (sadhana), and live interaction with Wendy to share your questions and breakthroughs.

Upcoming Dates & Topics:
Time: 4:00pm PDT / 7:00pm EDT
Note: The calls are always on the 1st Wednesday of the month

  • January 2: Evolving Past Limitations: Healing Unworthiness and Blocks to Thriving
  • February 6: Embrace Your Higher Self: A Healing for Feeding the Soul, Not the Saboteur
  • March 5: Returning to Wholeness: A Healing for Your Mother Wounds
  • April 2: Loving Your Inner Protector: A Healing for Your Father Wounds
  • May 7: Letting Go: Healing the Intergenerational Imprint of Survival Fear
  • June 4: Releasing the Invisible Wounds under Abundance: A Healing to Clear Karmic Wounds of Lack and Under-earning
  • July 2: Align With the Source: A Healing to Deepen Connection with Your Divine Self
  • August 6: Strengthen Your Center: A Healing to Release Energetic Weight and Gain Vibrancy
  • September 3: Empowering the Empath: A Healing to Release Collective Trauma Held in Your Body
  • October 1: Clear Embedded Shame: A Healing to Release the Belief of “not being enough”
  • November 5: Stand in Your Power: A Healing to Clear Blocks and Set Energetic Boundaries
  • December 3: Raise Your Frequency: A Healing to Stay Soulfully Sane During the Holidays

Receive healing from your Spirit Guides and Angels each month facilitated by Wendy. To join, participate monthly and become a member of the Divine Healing Inner Circle by clicking below

Intuitive Healer Training Program
Spring 2021 Live Virtual Training

LIVE Virtual Training Retreat Wendy

Date: April 2021
Open Enrollment: November 2020

Live virtual training with Wendy De Rosa for students who enroll in the Spring 2021 Intuitive Healer Training Program

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Energy Healing for Empaths

Rescheduled for August 13-15, 2021 due to COVID

As an empath, you “feel” other people’s energy. And as an overly empathic person, you may “take on” or merge with other people’s energy—becoming stressed, overwhelmed, or ill. Yet, your empathic power is a unique healing gift.

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Live Speaking Engagements with
Wendy De Rosa

Wendy De Rosa
Wendy De Rosa

Founder, The School of Intuitive Studies and the creator of The Intuitive Healer Training Program. 

Professional Intuitive Healer
As a professional intuitive healer, she’s trained and mentored healers and Intuitives from all corners of the globe, been featured in the media, authored best-selling books and numerous articles. If you’d like to book Wendy to speak at your upcoming event, please connect here.

Looking to raise the vibration of your conference, workshop, corporate event, business event, networking group, or retreat, and help your audience connect to the best part of themselves. Learn more about how you can schedule Wendy here.