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Fatigue After Shock, Emotions and Trauma

Have you been feeling extra tired, or run down these past few days? If so, your intuitive body is spot on. It’s been a rough lately. With emotions, shock, and violence in our world this past week and beyond, it’s normal if you felt extra fatigue right now.

In fact, it is your nervous systems’ natural response to need recovery time in order for the impact to subside. So can you let your body rest a little more this week?

And it doesn’t mean this is over, so in your deep rest this week:

  • Can you allow your heart and mind and body to get grounded?
  • Can you allow your soul’s voice, anchored in the center of your heart, to become louder than the mind?
  • Can you breathe in love through your heart and every cell in your body?


  • Can you allow love to breathe you?

In the darkness that exists in our world and in us, there is a light within that needs your attention right now.

If it goes unnoticed, or neglected, or unseen, then the emotions of grief, fear, anger or even hatred take up residence in our hearts and our minds.

The light within us needs our attention so that it can grow.

The kind of rest I’m speaking about is a surrender into the LIGHT within you. It’s a surrender into allowing Divine Love to heal your body, to penetrate your ego (fear), and to meet every need in the history of your being so that you may give up the feeling of inadequacy.

You are worthy of this LIGHT.

I’m just reminding you today, what you already know:

It’s so important, now more than ever, that you take off your shoes, and walk into the temple in the center of your own heart and be with the mystery of love that unfolds for you there.

The alternative is walking a very thin tightrope between deep insecurity, and projection of your pain. The ego revels in both those places, and we are seeing the projection of pain all over this world.

And it hurts.

The rest I am speaking about will help your heart, mind and spirit settle. In this settling, there is union and clarity about who you really are, and how you’re here to show up in the world.

If you have been resting, but that clarity hasn’t come, trust your intuition on what you need. Yet, perhaps spend a little more time in the temple of your own heart listening to the Divine’s calling. What is the divine asking of you? What is God asking of you?

The answer may be more simple than your mind allows it to be.

The rest need this week is not a surrender of hope. It’s a restoration of your soul. It’s a re-commitment to your Divine channel that more love must come through you to live in this world for yourself and with others.

Even if you are compelled to act right now. Do so from a deep connection to SELF.

You know this in your heart, and I’m just reminding you.

Please take this time to ground, and rest in the light within you that needs to show up and reflect love and strength to the world.

Peace be in your heart, peace be in your mind, and peace always surrounding your soul.

With love,