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Clients who come to the School of Intuitive Studies, or to Wendy directly, may require a variety of support. Some need general healing, want to lose weight, want to grow spiritually, have life path questions or need energy clearing, and some have childhood trauma or PTSD.

The purpose of having featured Healers is to meet the needs of those of you looking for healing, coming into our school where there has been qualified training, certification, and in addition, the practitioner has a community of support or supervision with me, adhering to our Code of Ethics.

Meet Our Healers

Meryl Fields, LCSW, SEP Trainee

Meryl Fields is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, (LCSW), an advanced trainee of Somatic Experiencing, (SE), and an intuitive healer with over 20 years of experience in working with clients in a variety of diverse settings. In 2016, Meryl completed Wendy De Rosa’s Intuitive Healer Training Program to dive deeper into her own healing, and to broaden the types of support she can offer to others. In 2019 she began a three year training in Somatic Experiencing to deepen her skills in trauma resolution and chronic stress. Meryl’s work with clients is dynamic in that she brings her therapeutic background and training in somatic experiencing to her energy work. Her approach is interactive, a blend of techniques that include breath work, guided meditation, mindfulness, somatic and psychodynamic practices, and resource and skill building. Meryl’s specializations include trauma, anxiety, depression, life transitions and relationship disharmony.

Carolyn Flaherty

Carolyn Flaherty is an apprentice and a new graduate of the Intuitive Healer Training Program here at the School of Intuitive Studies. She is not only a registered nurse but has her Reiki II certification.

Carolyn has a holistic positive proactive approach toward health and vitality but also illness, infirmity and end of life issues. She uses not only her knowledge from a nursing perspective but also uses visual, auditory, aromatherapy, Reikki, and intuition to provide a meditative session for you to tap into your best self.

During a typical session with Carolyn there will be an opening email correspondence and your choice of an online SKYPE/Messenger meeting or phone call. The phone conversation can lasts up to 1 hour depending on your need.

Lindsey Fernandez

Over twenty years ago, I began my journey into the healing arts as massage therapist. As I
became aware of my natural empathic gifts I was led down the path of exploring Intuitive
Healing. A graduate of the School of Intuitive Studies in 2018, the Advanced Intuitive Healer
Training and also an Assistant for the current Intuitive Healer Training Program, this work is my
heart’s mission.

I also feel a special connection to the plants and trees. In addition to Intuitive Healings, I offer
consultations and education around working with pure essential oils consciously for
transformation and healing. With over 15 years of working with, studying and teaching about
the plants in essence form, I’m STILL learning and it is a joy to share this with others who feel
called to this medicine.

Jackie Woodward

As a young girl, Jackie first noticed her gift of intuition. She didn’t think much of it, not realizing how special and powerful it was.

Jackie’s natural gifts of intuition and compassion have lead her onto the path of a healer and intuitive guide.

She helps people remove the blocks in their lives so they can see more clearly and live with greater purpose.

Whether you are dealing with a medical condition, experiencing relationship challenges, healing from loss, or seeking clarity in your career- whatever the transition you are going through everyone can benefit from working with her.

Her clear and inspiring vision and divine guidance has helped countless people see inside themselves more clearly and experience greater love, freedom, and fulfillment.

She first went through the School of Intuitive Studies in 2014 as a student healing from a divorce, a loss of her father, and a sister going through cancer. As she healed herself, she recognized her innate gifts and answered the call to help others.

Jackie incorporates her trainings and her natural gift of intuition to divinely guide and help others make lasting, positive changes in their lives.

Her professionalism along with her calm and positive demeanor will help you feel comfortable and confident working with her.

Reach out to Jackie today to take the next step on your journey within so you may see more clearly and begin living more purposely.

Debra Alwan-Humkey

Do you feel you have lost your purpose, are off-center or not connected to the “REAL YOU”? Imagine how it would feel to know and love your true self and discover your life’s purpose. My passion is bringing healing to you and guiding you to live a heart-centered, joy-filled and empowered life.

You’re unique and so is your situation, which is why every session will be customized specifically for where you’re at in that moment. Whether you’re experiencing loss of your life’s purpose, anxiety, depression or trauma just to name some situations. You’ll be supported with the right tools and techniques during each session, based on my experience and training in several modalities including: intuitive energy healing, life coaching, Reiki, hypnotherapy and crystal healing.

After just one session you’ll walk away with some practical tools/practices for daily use to help you stay on your path to living your life as your authentic empowered self. If you choose to sign up for a package of sessions, we’ll make a plan for how to work step by step to clear and heal whatever is no longer serving you – giving way for you to step in and step closer to living your desired life.

Barb Fuller

Barbara Fuller enjoyed a lengthy career in Corporate Finance.

Ten years ago, she found herself on a path that led her into the world of adoption trauma and loss. This steered her to a new career in energy work, helping others that have experienced the many emotions of identity loss and separation. Barb is an Intuitive Healer, a graduate of the School of Intuitive Studies, founded by Wendy De Rosa. She is certified as a Reiki practitioner and SoulCollage® Facilitator. Barb works with adult adoptees and natural parents in a Canadian support group and is a member of the American Adoption Congress. Her personal experience will support you whether you are looking for kinship, are in search, or are in one of the many levels of reunion. She understands the benefits of energy work in personal healing and growth and in life transitions.

She provides vast experience and wisdom as she gently guides you, helping you make a powerful shift to a life that is more joyful and fulfilling.

Jan Gough

Over the past twenty-five years, Jan Gough has used her intuitive healing gifts in a variety of settings. As an Interfaith chaplain in teaching hospitals, she helps patients and their families identify and wrestle with the spiritual questions arising in the face of illness, and especially, in the face of death and bereavement. Using guided imagery, Reiki, intentional breathing, and intuitive awareness of the energetics of illness and death, Jan has assisted souls in crossing over and their families and friends as they grieve.

Seeing the toll of daily caregiving on families raising children and/or caring for aging or unwell family members while also needing to make a living, Jan invites everyone into a safe space to speak from their exhausted and frequently broken hearts. She introduces them to heart-healing energetic, spiritual, and physical practices designed to sustain their own health and resiliency both daily and over time.

As a certified Spiritual Director and Supervisor, Jan helps individuals and groups, including mental health professionals, spiritual leaders, and seekers of many traditions, to define and deepen their relationships with the Divine, by whatever name. That work almost always entails identifying and releasing trauma and wounds from unexamined, inherited religious and cultural belief systems. Those wounds frequently lead to energy blocks in the body, which in turn can lead to physical and psychological symptoms.

By working with the chakras — the power centers of the energetic body — beliefs that no longer serve can be released and replaced by beliefs consciously chosen by the adult self. For many people, this process leads to their first felt experience of actually being loved and cared for by a nurturing Divine force, whether referred to as “God” or by some other name. To honor that life-affirming transformation, Jan encourages creative expression like journaling, drawing, painting, drumming, singing, dancing, and other movement. She is also a firm believer in the power of laughter on the healing journey!

Now in the Advanced Intuitive Healer Training Program, Jan is serving as an Assistant for the IHTP. She is honored to offer her healing gifts through the School of Intuitive Studies and is grateful for your interest. She welcomes your questions and requests for healing sessions and looks forward to working with you via phone or Zoom.

Aurora Culkin

Aurora has been a seeker of the light from the time she was a young adult. Through these years of exploration she has experienced and studied many practices such as reflexology and Reiki 1 and 2. While attending Wendy De Rosa’s School of Intuitive Studies she found her life’s purpose, to guide others to connect to their inner light. As a certified Spiritual Director, she learned the intricacies of leading others towards a deeper connection to the divine, to grow her compassion for others and to know the divine in a deeper way. Integrating Wendy’s Intuitive Healing Training enabled Aurora to go from theoretical information gathering, to being able to intuit and guide a healing session through the lens of the chakras.

Currently enrolled in Wendy’s Advanced Intuitive Healing Training Program Aurora is fine-tuning her abilities to recognize how energy presents in the body and to transform blocks and imbalances. She is also assisting Wendy with the 2020 Intuitive Healing Training Program.

Aurora is passionate about guiding her clients to achieve their goals of clearing old beliefs and aligning with their Higher Self. She encourages her clients to step into their own power. You will be tenderly cared for as you work with Aurora to heal what is holding you back from shining your light. Imagine living a life with more freedom, joy, and love.

Aurora resides in Boulder County Colorado with her husband of 30 years and has 3 adult children. She lives an active lifestyle with many interests, including yoga, singing, watercolor painting, playing golf and enjoying peaceful bike rides on country roads.

Aurora would be honored to guide you through an intuitive healing session.

Saori Murphy

I am so happy you are here! Your presence reveals the desire and willingness to step more fully into the highest expression of YOU. The you that has the right to live with more joy, love and harmony.

I believe we all have life experiences that can mold and shape us into who we are, and sometimes those experiences can create limitations or dis-ease within our energetic body, emotional wellbeing, and creative or spiritual growth.

Through my own healing journey with trauma and emotional challenges, I discovered my strength and resilience by allowing myself to be with and release the emotions and feelings that were keeping me blocked from my core truths. This took patience, self love, radical self acceptance, and the willingness to be supported.

In honor of your commitment, I promise to meet you where you are with the full intention of being in partnership to support you home to your truest and most empowered self.

Through a combination of Intuition, Divine Guidance, Energy Healing, and sometimes the use of Creativity, I will gently support and guide you through a meditative journey and/or creative expression to work with any energetic blocks, beliefs or patterns that are no longer serving you. You will also receive tools and practices to further support you in your healing process and integration.

If you feel called, I invite you into the opportunity for transformation and expansion. The opportunity to connect to and live with more joy, love and harmony. You deserve a prana-filled life, and it would be an honor to support you on your healing journey!

Let’s connect to what’s true for you!

Wendy DeRosa

Wendy De Rosa’s School of Intuitive Studies is a school of healing arts striving to serve national and international individuals looking for healing, spiritual and personal growth. The School of Intuitive Studies offers certifications, intuitive healer training programs, and online courses for learning how to develop intuition and discover the power of the heart center. With this training, participants are not only able to improve already thriving healing arts and medical practices, participants are also able to fine-tune their ability to serve clients and patients on a whole new level. In addition to being able to better help others, students also strengthen their own sense of self, life purpose, and personal well being by learning how to clear negative energy and emotional blocks that may get in the way of treating patients at the highest level of care.

The School of Intuitive Studies is a Boulder, Colorado-based school of healing arts that caters to traditional healthcare providers, mental health professionals, complementary and alternative medicine, holistic health practitioners (including massage therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, Reiki masters, energy healers), hands-on healers, and anyone else looking to develop strong intuition to better treat their patients or manage their intuitive gifts.