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Four Aspects Of Our Masculinity and Femininity

We are not just male or female. We actually have four aspects of our masculinity and femininity: the Empowered Masculine, the Wounded Masculine, the Empowered Feminine and the Wounded Feminine. They all exist inside us and have been represented in how society and various cultures treat each other.

Here is a bit more about what feminine and masculine energy entail and how they play out:
The Empowered Masculine: This quality is protective, proactive, productive, willful and knowing in gut instincts. It’s the quality of knowing right from wrong internally by being in touch with and yielding to the feminine side of sensitivity and heart. Unafraid of emotions, and has the courage to recognize them, feel them and have compassion for self and others with them. This quality is not afraid of own the feminine parts and draws strength in self from honor. The Empowered Masculine is connected to the Divine, but in the heart, not just in the mind. He takes responsibility. This quality also understands being human as opposed to being limited by it. The E.M. has learned the power of rising by letting go of shame or facing it.
The Wounded Masculine: This is the quality of fear and control within. It happens when the Empowered Masculine has been suppressed. Emotions are shameful because society says they are. Anger is the protector and lashes out when threat comes close to the intimate emotions. This quality dominates the feminine, hurts through direct and sideways actions and can manipulate to be in a position of power if the feminine is present. This quality fears the feminine, so dominates, shames or controls the feminine. It is the projection of strength and stoicism, but presents as bully or overbearing.
The Empowered Feminine: This quality is the power of knowing truth, which includes, true self, intuition, true feelings, and knowing the Divine within. This is our intuitive, creative, sexual, sensual, going with the flow, mothering and connected to all of life side. The Healthy Feminine is completely comfortable with the spectrum of emotions, from rage to bliss. She is ok being joyful and she is ok having her anger. She also has compassion for others in their emotions, but does not take them on, as she understands the gift of transformation that comes with feeling feelings.
The Wounded Feminine: This quality comes when the feminine power has been suppressed. The Wounded Feminine in us is the over-caretaking at the expense of self, the victim, the lack of will and the need to live through others in order to have ground. It is the part of us that shrinks and becomes submissive to domination, and can often play that pattern over and over again. It is the silent, secret keeper, guilt-ridden part of us that develops aches and pains for the world’s burdens and internal unprocessed pain. The wounded feminine is under perpetual threat from the Wounded Masculine, and as a result, can live from lack or can act out in ways to compensate for the painful feelings inside. The wounded feminine can be confused as to what love really is.
Here’s my point: Any of us could have any of these aspects at any given time. Feminine and Masculine energy live in us whether you identify as male or female or both. We go through healing so we can heal our wounded parts and allow for more of our empowered selves, in both qualities of masculine and feminine.
Internally, your Wounded Masculine could be beating up your Wounded Feminine side creating disempowerment, doubt, fear, and inability to thrive or feel freedom. In other words, our wounded parts become the voice of our inner critic. We beat ourselves up just because the relationship between our masculine and feminine sides have been demonstrated for us in a wounded way. This has got to change.
What has been happening as consciousness arises is the Wounded Masculine is given the opportunity to embrace the Empowered Feminine AND Empowered Masculine sides as the Wounded Feminine is no longer willing to stay silent or wounded anymore.

It’s messy, it’s ugly, it’s stirring a lot in the collective and individually, and structures will change out of this. They need to change! The truth always lies in what’s willing to be felt.
Consciousness is changing. History is changing. This is a deeper undercurrent here.
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Wishing you well this week and may this information support you in your deeper process.

With love,