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How to Support Yourself When Moving Through Transitions

How do you support yourself during transitions? Do you ever wonder if you need extra support during a transition?

Some common transitional periods are leaving a job, moving to a new home, letting go of things or belongings, holding space for someone who is crossing over into the light, and moving into a new way of being or a new you. However, sometimes transitions can be hard to recognize.

When writing this blog, I was inside of a transitional time with a move and supporting a loved one crossing over to the light. I sat down to do a meditation to support myself through this transitional time, and I thought to myself, “What if others are going through a similar experience and could benefit from me sharing my personal meditation?”

Because transitions can present in many different ways, there can be a range of feelings that come with transition including shock, grief, anger, numbing, or wanting to check out or disassociate.  

For me, feeling the feeling of, “I can’t control this,” and “I am moving into the unknown,” has been a struggle for me to deal with personally. That is why, recognizing where you are in the transition process, how you feel, how you want to respond to the change, and determining whether you are connecting with yourself or disconnecting can help you better manage the process.

The question I ask myself is, how am I going to hold space for myself in this time of being in the in-between, and how can I stay connected and anchored? 

To help me answer these questions, I created a meditation, and I invite you to join me. I will be guiding us both through this meditation to support the in-between – the middle of a transition – and what might be surfacing. This healing will help you settle into the body so you will feel more connected and grounded.

If after watching the video, you feel the need to work with a healing professional to help you with this process, consider working with a healer from the School of Intuitive Studies. Oftentimes, various periods in our lives benefit from a one-on-one container of support. Each Healer has been trained by me extensively and carries their own natural healing gifts. Read more about the SIS Healers here

Sending you light and love,