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From the mouth of babes: Mamma, Moon!

On Sunday night we were driving home from the grocery store. It was dusk and my little 15 month old says from the back seat “Mama, moon!” I looked in my rear –view mirror and sure enough rising over the horizon was a big opaque full moon. Which would probably explain why she roared like a lion throughout the grocery store. I guess it’s kind of close to howling at the moon. Ha!

She always points out the moon, which to me is powerful to see such a little being feel that connection. The moon does affect us in subconscious and conscious ways and I thought I’d share some ways to support yourself on this particular moon cycle.

Monday night was a full moon in Virgo, which may not mean much if you don’t follow astrology, but in reading more about the quality to this full moon, here are some interesting themes to pay attention to.

Virgo brings out strong mental patterns. In others and myself recently, I have noticed patterns of being in the head instead versus the heart or body. Mental chatter and fear-based thoughts can cause a chaotic reality, which is often exactly what our hearts want to get away from.
When the mind is racing and fear is high, we are far from grounded or connected to our intuition. Being grounded in our intuition is what helps us take the easeful, clear and simplified the path to most of what we over-complicate in life.

This time between now and the new moon is can be an opportunity to notice your mental, fear-based thoughts and how they keep you from the very wants and desires you may have to live more true to yourself.

What do you do when these fears and mental chatter come up? Here are some tools that may be helpful:

  • Slow down your breath
  • Rest more or add an extra hour of sleep to your night or morning.
  • Ground yourself
  • Meditate
  • Make time to do something creative- Cooking, free write, draw, sing, etc.
  • Be in your body: exercise, dance, practice yoga, get some body work, feel your feet on the ground.
  • Get out into nature
  • Sit with your heart or intuition on what inner guidance you receive.

Any of these will carve a new neuro-pathway when an unhealthy mental pattern dominates. As you notice your thoughts you are operating from the consciousness of your soul who is choosing to not give in to the fear. When you are operating from consciousness, you are operating from your spirit.

Getting connected to your true self is the key to success in any aspect of your life. This full moon may unearth some mental patterns that are important to see.

Sometimes I see an over-active mind as a heart that has a lot to say, but just needs permission to say it.

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Blessings during this powerful time of living from wholeness,
Wendy De Rosa