Full Body Chakra Clearing for Chaotic Times: Grounding & Centering Meditation


Recently I shared a download I received on how the upheaval we’re experiencing right now is an invitation to ground more deeply…

And not just our grounding into the Earth, but to ground powerfully into our lower bodies. 

Your grounding anchor point is your Root Chakra. It is not only essential for grounding, and “anchoring” in this time, it is the energy center that holds the power of trust — and the shadow emotion of fear. 

What is happening externally, in the world around us, vibrates in our lower energy bodies. As fear rises, we must respond by returning to our center, and to move down and through our grounding. 

This past week, I needed to practice what I teach — I needed to put my oxygen on first, before I could help others. I needed to give attention to myself (I was sick, but thankfully my COVID test was negative!), my family, and my students. 

I recorded a full body chakra clearing that I wanted to share specifically to help us in this time as we move into uncharted territory — and I hope you’ll share with your friends and family too!

You can watch the 40-minute teaching and healing practice here:

Full Body Chakra Clearing for Chaotic Times: Grounding & Centering Meditation

While there is much uncertainty at this time, what I do know, is that the best thing we can do for ourselves is to make a daily commitment to self-care. I hope you’ll include this mediation in your daily routine and return to it time and again as a source of reconnection and rejuvenation.

To further support you (and ground myself!), I am going to host a weekly Facebook live on Wednesdays, at 9am Mountain time. You can find me here at the School of Intuitive Studies on Facebook for the next 3 Wednesdays, March 25 through April 8.

I can’t wait to share these Wednesday mornings with you and I am honored to walk alongside you for this journey we’re on together. 


P.S. Access grounding & centering meditation here — my gift to you! 

Watch or listen in here: 

Full Body Chakra Clearing for Chaotic Times: Grounding & Centering Meditation 

Connection and community are essential right now, please share this with your circle and let’s ground ourselves, our communities, and our planet together. 

Invite them to join you for a short practice on Facebook Live too, Wednesdays at 9am Mountain here.

Wendy De Rosa

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