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Full Moon in Taurus- How to work with the energy

Today is a Full Moon in Taurus . Full Moons tend to bring about a rise in intensity, fruition of efforts, or even a crisis to help you “see” more clearly what you have been unable to see.

This full moon is said to stir up unresolved fear, specifically in financial matters and relationships.

Has that been happening for you? Are there old thought patterns or beliefs that are returning for you to shift your mindset and behaviors around?

One way you can do that is to create a ritual around challenging your fear and reprogramming it. For example, earlier this week, I advised a client to take a different route home just to break some mental patterns, think from a new perspective and challenge the fear that is so pervasive.

There are many ways to shift patterns and address fear.  How do you do this?  In this video, below, learn more about how to work with fear as it arises and how to creating ritual around the Full Moon.

Click the Photo below to watch the video:

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Wendy De Rosa