How Do I Heal from Anxiety and Depression

How to Heal From Anxiety and Depression

There are many reasons why anxiety and depression happen in the body, and I would like to share my perspective on how to heal anxiety and depression from an energy healing perspective.

Anxiety and depression on an energetic level relate to the heart chakra. Anxiety can be felt in the heart. You may feel your heart racing, palpitations, and/or constriction of breath. It can also be in the stomach and the gut, as well as in the head, causing symptomatic migraines or headaches, dizziness, and more.  Depression, on the other hand, can leave you feeling helpless, with deep sorrow, loneliness, and disconnection. 

In my experience, it is possible anxiety and depression, which often come together, are a doorway into the soul. This doorway is a spiritual awakening opening up the backside of the heart chakra and from there, grace moves life in a new direction and intuition increases opening up more connection to the Divine, true self, and self-love. 

I have created a video to help you better understand the energetics of what is happening in the body as it relates to anxiety and depression and how to work with it. I hope it gives you support in feeling more connected to your heart, your light, and your soul.

If you are looking for support in working through your anxiety and depression, or helping others through depression and/or anxiety, while developing your intuition, check out my Divine Healing Inner Circle Program. It is perfect for those looking for deep healing and mentorship directly from me. Read more about it here.


Wendy De Rosa

Wendy De Rosa’s School of Intuitive Studies, a Colorado school of healing arts helps all forms of traditional healthcare providers (doctors, nurses and physician’s assistance) as well as mental health professionals, complementary and alternative medicine and holistic health practitioners and hands on healers (massage therapist, acupuncturist, chiropractor, Reiki master, energy healers…) with developing strong intuition and learning how to open your heart.

She does this through certification level, intuitive healer training programs and online courses for learning how to develop intuition, how to open your heart, discover the power of the heart center, how to clear negative energy and clearing emotional blocks that may be getting in the way of, not only a thriving healing arts and medical practice that fine tunes your ability to serve clients and patients at a whole new level, but your own sense of self, life purpose and personal well being.

Wendy De Rosa’s School of Intuitive Studies, is a Colorado school of healing arts based in Boulder, CO.  It serves a national and international healing community through online courses and intuitive healer training programs.

The School of Intuitive Studies serves Colorado and the WORLD.  If you would like to learn more about how to open your heart chakra and heart chakra healing, check out the School Of Intuitive  Studies Programs here.