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Wendy De Rosa

As an empath, sensitive or intuitive, you are likely feeling
all that is happening in the world...

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While it can leave you with a heavy heart, it can open up a door… an invitation from the universe that you’re being called to heal at a deeper level to make space for your higher calling so that you can contribute to this life with meaning and purpose.

Yet when the holidays approach, the personal need for healing can clash with the expectations, personalities, and hustle and bustle, leaving very little space to consciously release what doesn’t serve you and become grounded in who you are.

It also becomes easy to feel overwhelmed by other people’s energy or the state of the world and powerless to remain centered or know what to do. You might feel consumed, disoriented, and even fearful of the future.

Empaths, sensitives, and intuitives hold the key to what we need most right now — personally and collectively — for a quantum leap into a new way
of being.

To do that, they need to up their game in tools for self-care and healing.

Whether at the holiday dinner table with family or on your healing journey, it’s time to release the outdated energy your system no longer needs to carry now and into the New Year.

Wendy De Rosa is a global teacher, intuitive energy healer, and author of Becoming an Empowered Empath.

She will be offering a powerful 3-hour workshop called Healing Through the Holidays. In it, she will share vital information about the energetic system and how the past lodges itself in pockets of your energy system, and how to clear the energy…

Wendy is deeply steeped in her Divine Connection, and through that connection, you will receive a powerful guided healing to help you de-stress, dislodge, and release energy that keeps you from feeling grounded, peaceful, connected, and empowered.

The holidays bring up a lot of different emotions for different people. No matter how you feel about the holidays, you are worthy of receiving healing to help you stay grounded, centered, clear, and embodied in your true being as you step forward into 2024.

In this three-hour workshop, you will receive:

Deep guided healings facilitated through Spirit Guides and Angels — to release what no longer serves you in your energy, body, and nervous system… and to get centered in the truth of why you’re here, and more

An embodied sense of freedom through the release of collective energy

A powerful guided journey to help you ground and connect to your inner light so you can hold your center and not take on the energy of others at the dinner table or during the holidays

• A deeper understanding of what it means to heal

• An experience of grounding so you feel rooted and connected to the power in your lower body

. A deeper awareness of your soul’s truth and how to set intentions from feeling inner connected

• An Energetic alignment of Your Intentions to attune you to love and release the density in the body — and support aligning and supercharging your intentions

. A way to let go of the past and trust the light you came into this world to be

• Small Group Connections to share within a supportive community

PLUS…. You are in for a treat. Wendy will facilitate for you a powerful 45 min-long Divine Guidance Healing. In it, she connects to spirit guides and angels and allows a transmission of divine frequency to release years of unwanted energy in your energetic system. Freedom, lightness, and possibility are on the other side of this release.

Every month Wendy offers a Divine Guidance Healing to the School of Intuitive Studies members, and every time, people say the same thing:
I’m blown away, and I can’t believe that healing wasn’t just for me

You will not regret this powerful experience.

Supportive Assistants

You will also be held and supported by our School of Intuitive Studies Assistants and have the opportunity to share in a small group format during the workshop. This will be a palpable, safe, grounded, and supportive space for you to heal.

Join Wendy De Rosa and the SIS Team for a powerful workshop packed with life-changing information to support you in being held, supported, grounded, heart-centered, and empowered this holiday season!

Healing through
the Holidays

A 3-hour Online Healing Experience
With Author, Teacher & Intuitive Healer
Wendy De Rosa

PLUS, receive these special bonuses!

Bonus #1

Empowering the Empath: A Healing to Release Collective Trauma Held in Your Body

- A video Guided Healing

For additional support in clearing energy from the collective, receive Wendy’s 90-minute guided healing to help release the impact of current and past collective trauma. This healing will allow you to release collective energy so you can feel yourself again.

Bonus #2

Align Your Soul and Set Intentions with this Powerful New Year’s Guided Meditation

- A video Guided Healing

This is a powerful meditation to do on December 31! It will help you set your intentions, align your soul, and manifest your visions for 2024. In this powerful, guided, and silent meditation, you will be held in a Divine frequency.

Our collective healing and grounding is critical work — for all of us, personally and collectively, on the planet right now. And you, as a wise soul, play an important role in leading the way…

Let’s spend some time healing your tender heart, tired body, and brave soul by clearing energy and nourishing your soul.

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Healing for the Holidays

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What People are saying about Wendy De Rosa:

About Wendy

Wendy De Rosa is an international intuitive energy healer, speaker, teacher, and author. She offers education and training programs for developing intuition, spiritual growth, energy healing, and personal transformation to thousands of people from all over the world who want to develop their intuition and experience personal transformation.

She founded The School of Intuitive Studies and the renowned Intuitive Healer Training Program & Certification. Wendy is a leading faculty member of The Shift Network, with more than 100,000 people attending her live events and programs. She is a featured teacher on the MindValley spiritual growth channel Soulvana and has appeared on CBS News/Better Connecticut.

She is a published author with her newest title out now, Becoming an Empowered Empath: How to Clear Energy, Set Boundaries & Embody Your Intuitive Powers, New World Library. Her other titles include her bestselling Energy Healing Through the Chakras: A Guide to Self-Healing, and Expanding Your Heart: Awakening Through Four Stages of a Spiritual Opening. She is also a contributing author to Bouncing Back: Thriving in Changing Times with Wayne Dyer, Bryan Tracy, John Assaraf, and other leaders in personal growth. For more information visit: and



Healing Intergenerational Masculine and Feminine Wounds

Receive three 50-minute powerful Divine Guidance Healings with Wendy De Rosa! Clear embedded intergenerational energy from mother and father wounds that are stored in the energetic system and return to a sense of equilibrium within you. The first two healings take you on a journey of healing mother and father wounds by clearing energy, gaining insights, and embodying a sense of peace. The third healing is to help clear the energy of the patriarchy held in the hips. The hips hold a multitude of experiences, encompassing mother wounds, emotions, self-rejection, fear, guilt, shame, nurturing, and resilience. This energy tends to fear and suppress feminine qualities such as emotions, sensitivity, vulnerability, creativity, and intuition.

The three guided healings include:

1) Returning to Wholeness: A Healing for Your Mother Wounds (March 2020)

2) Loving Your Inner Protector: A Healing for Your Father Wounds (April 2020)

3) Free Your Hips and Creative Essence by Clearing Intergenerational Wounds of the Patriarchy (April 2021)

Each guided healing is a powerful transformational experience that is close to 50 minutes long. Carve out time to deeply receive, clear energy and align.

Clearing Blocks To Abundance and the Light of Your Soul

Receive three 50-minute powerful Divine Guidance Healings with Wendy De Rosa! Sometimes, accessing your soul’s calling coincides with fears, sabotage, and resistance. If you are faced with fears that sabotage accessing your soul’s light and intuition, this bundle of guided healings will help you regain connection to your inner truth and your heart’s callings.

The 3 Guided healings include:

1) Clearing blocks to Your Soul’s Calling (November 2019)

2) Embrace Your Higher Self: A Healing for Feeding the Soul, Not the Saboteur (February 2020)

3) Releasing the Invisible Wounds Under Abundance: A Healing to Clear Karmic Wounds of Lack and Under-Earning (June 2020)

Each guided healing is a powerful transformational experience that is close to 50 minutes long. Carve out time to deeply receive, clear energy and align.

Ancestral Healing

Receive three 50-minute powerful Divine Guidance Healings with Wendy De Rosa! Connecting to your truth, authentic mission, soul’s light, and calling on this earth can be an evolutionary process. Sometimes, what blocks you from accessing your deeper truth and sense of self isn’t your energy but the energy and fear that came before you. In this bundle of Divine Guidance Healings, you will clear energy that may have been important and relevant for your ancestors but may not be what you need to carry forward.

The 3 Guided healings include:

1) Letting Go of Ancestral Fear (June 2019)

2) Releasing Ancestral and Past Life Wounds of Expressing Your Heart’s Truth (October 2021)

3) Unwinding Ancestral Fear Obstructing Your Soul’s Mission (September 2022)

Each guided healing is a powerful transformational experience that is close to 50 minutes long. Carve out time to deeply receive, clear energy and align.

Tending to the Heart Fire of Desire, Want, Passion, Purpose, and Good Anger

Anger is a human emotion that is seen as “negative” or an emotion we shouldn’t have. Yet, anger is a doorway into deeper desires and truths, and there is a place for good anger.  When there is space to feel anger, it can pierce through the ego, and the untrue, to find desire, want, passion, and purpose, which are righteous aspects of our deeper truth that may have been suppressed.  This healing is to support you in processing suppressed anger so you can connect to passion, purpose, and your true desires.

Original Recording September 2023

Loving, Forgiving, and Making Peace with Your Inner Teenager

Inner child work helps us connect to consciousness within, which carries our unmet emotional needs and our intuition. At times, it can be hard to connect with the inner child because the inner teenager’s needs call for attention and possibly forgiveness. In this healing, you will receive Divine energy clearing to support you in healing and forgiving the inner teenager, so that this part of you can access a felt sense of worthiness.

Original Recording November 2023

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Unraveling the Unspoken Words and Silent Emotions that Hold Tight in the Jaw

Have you ever found yourself clenching your jaw, grinding your teeth at night, or experiencing a lump in your throat or a burning sensation in your heart? These physical manifestations often signal that there are unspoken words and suppressed emotions lurking within. It’s essential to acknowledge and release these pent-up feelings to restore balance and harmony to your life. This event offers a profound, guided healing experience designed to help you release the suppressed energy that obstructs your ability to express your inner truth. By addressing and releasing the stifled emotions held within your throat chakra, you can regain control of your voice and unlock the deeper truth that resides within you. Join this transformative experience and take the first step toward emotional freedom and authentic self-expression.

Original Recording February 2024

Strengthening Your Divine Connection without Losing Your Ground

In a world filled with various names for the Divine—God, Grace, Divinity, Higher Power, Creator, Brahman, Allah, and more—nurturing a profound spiritual connection that is personal to you can provide you with essential support in your daily life. This connection can help you feel nourished, guided, and grounded in the human experience. However, there’s a fine line to walk because being spiritual can sometimes equate to being ungrounded, but it doesn’t have to be.  This Divine Guidance Healing will allow you to release any energy that keeps you from having a solid footing on Earth while embracing your spiritual journey.  In this Healing, you will embark on a journey to deepen your spiritual connection while keeping your feet firmly on the Earth. Let go of the fear that may be holding you back and step into the light of your divine connection. This promises to be a profound and healing experience that will set the stage for a healthy and spiritually enriched new year.

Original Recording January 2024

A Simple Grounding Practice

Are you feeling overwhelmed, confused, lost, emotional, scattered, or disconnected? Grounding is an effective, energetic tool to reconnect to yourself. Being in nature connects your body to the earth, and so can meditations that help you connect to the vital life force energy of the earth. Grounding helps with feeling centered, peaceful, settled, calm, and connected. Here is an accessible, 6-minute guided meditation that you can repeat daily to help you ground your body and feel at ease. (6 minutes)

A Guided Meditation for Anxiety

Discover a sanctuary within yourself through this gentle guided meditation crafted to alleviate anxiety and promote healing. As you close your eyes and breathe deeply, this guided healing will support you in releasing energy that is not yours and come back to your true being. You’ll let go of subconscious energy and blocks that stimulate your nervous system and energetic body and be guided back to your true center. Experience how to embrace the present moment and emerge from this meditation with a renewed sense of calm and resilience. (22 minutes)

A Guided Meditation for Travel

Embark on a deep inner journey designed to relax your body and ease the stresses of travel. Whether you are on a plane, a passenger in a car, boat, or train, this guided meditation will help clear the fear, release tension, and cultivate a sense of peace. Navigate the currents of your breath as your body, heart, and mind let go of deeper-held energy that triggers fear responses in the body. In this guided mediation, you’ll reconnect to the sense of safety and allowing your nervous system to relax through your travel experience. (16 minutes)

A Guided Meditation for Depression

If you struggle with depression, this guided meditation will help you clear energy, call your power back, and replenish your natural energy reserves. Embark on a transformative journey towards healing and inner peace with this guided healing designed to alleviate the weight of depression. Through breath, energy clearing, visualizations, and Divine healing, you will release emotional burdens, allowing space for light to enter. This meditation will help you awaken a deeper place of freedom within you that your soul is waiting for you to access. (16 minutes)

Connect to the Vibration of Love

Divine Love is a vibration that heals the body, dissolves the fear, fills the void, and allows you to feel met, seen, whole, and complete. It is the intrinsick healer within you that purifies your heart and lets go of ancient karmic imprints. Through this guided meditation you will receive the vibraiton of love through a powerful angelic healing transmission. Embark on a heart-opening journey with this guided meditation, inviting you to connect with the radiant vibration of love. (15 minutes)