Help! I’m Struggling With the Visualization Process

Help! I’m Struggling With the Visualization Process

Do you find that being an empath can feel like a curse? You are in great company! Many empaths struggle with overwhelm, absorption, and accessing and expressing authentic emotions, intuition, and power because these areas are often overtaken by other people’s feelings.

Being an empath is a powerful experience, but it can also be a frustrating one if you have not been trained with the tools on how to work with it. Clear empathic intuition requires an understanding of what energy blocks you are holding in the lower 3 chakras of the body in order for empathic intuition to be clear. Once you clear the energetic imprinting and blocks that no longer serve you, you will be able to access your true feelings, power, and intuition — allowing you to relax hypervigilance, live from your center, and connect more deeply and authentically with Spirit.

Intuition is more complex than just feeling energy or listening to your inner voice. I believe the first step to mastering your intuitive gifts is understanding how — and where — your BODY is sensing energy and information. There is so much power in tuning into your body’s chakras so you can open ALL of your intuitive gifts — clairvoyance (clear or psychic seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing), clairsentience (clear feeling or sensing), and claircognizance (clear knowing). Understanding how these four foundational ways work in your body not only empowers you as an intuitive, but allows you to fully embody and express your healing abilities.

Recently Brett (name changed) wrote me this:

“Hi Wendy, thank you for the opportunity to further my spiritual growth. I have been watching many of your videos and although I find myself eager to learn more, I feel I am not getting it. I find myself confused on the whole idea of visualizing things that I can’t feel or see in a tangible way! It’s frustrating, and I think I need verification or clarification in some way to feel what I’m doing is accomplishing something.”

Thank you for your time and blessings, Brett.

Brett’s question is an important one because I know others share his confusion (maybe even you). Your intuition is a powerful asset as it can guide you on a path to gain the freedom you have always wanted. However, in order for it to be used as a power, you have to learn and accept how YOUR intuition expresses itself. From there, you can use techniques to hone and grow your gift.

If you’re struggling with the visualization process, watch this video. It answers Brett’s question and most likely some of your questions too.

If you are beginning to explore your “inner voice,” I have created a FREE online course to help you separate the thinking mind (also called the ego) from the intuitive voice (also known as your soul). Find out more here.