Join our 3-Day Holiday Retreat

An Online Event  |  December 9, 10 & 11

We continue to be called to deeper levels of healing…

Out of healing comes the infinite potential of your light, the power of your heart — and the rise of your intuitive abilities.

The holidays can be a complex time for us all.  They can be stressful and joyful.  They can also bring up grief, fear, family dynamics, expectations, and the battle with consumerism.  

The end of the year is also a time go into the darkness and rebirth from the light within you. The invitation is here to carve out sacred time for your soul so you can build resilience for the aspects of life that feel out of control.

What we can control is our own personal commitment to our individual healing. Out of that comes a deeper embodied truth that we can ground into and a connection to living on this planet purposefully.

Our inner light and deeper truth is what we are worthy of connecting to during the holidays, and as we enter into 2023.

Let’s unwind the internal noise, love and let go of old energy, ground your body during the holidays, and create powerful intentions for the new year ahead– all in a Divinely held space for your soul’s healing. 

Join Honoring the Sacred Within Holiday Retreat to release energy, ignite your inner light, and enter 2023 with aligned intentions.

    During this 3-Day retreat you’ll receive:

  • Deep guided healings facilitated through Spirit Guides and Angels — to release what no longer serves you in your energy, body and nervous system… and to get centered in the truth of why you’re here, and more 

  • An opportunity to free your voice and SING! Letting go of energy through vocal expression and tone.

  • A powerful guided journey to help you ground and connect to your inner light and the center of peace in your body.

  • A special sound bath session with signing bowls and a creative vision session.

  • An Energetic alignment of Your Intentions to attune you to love and release the density in the body — and support aligning and supercharging your intentions.

  • Guided practices to attune to your heart and your higher guidance 

  • Opening for a deeper connection to your SOUL — so you can create your life from your divinely-infused and connected heart

  • Small Group Connections to share within a supportive community

“I found Wendy’s online retreat to be a powerful experience with immediate, positive results. In the weeks following the retreat, I began clearing out my home of clutter, changed to a whole foods vegetarian diet and lost 14 pounds. It was like a 1st chakra mega cleanse!”— KB

Release What Isn’t Serving You

From the heart up, you probably have the best intentions for yourself and your life. Yet emotional and energetic blocks held in the lower body will work against your progress. They will weigh you down physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This is often how it manifests in daily life:
  • You struggle to find balance in our world’s “new normal.”
  • You’re bogged down in the details of each day, instead of living in alignment with your true life work.
  • You take on unhealthy eating habits, avoid exercise, and gain weight.
  • You feel lost, stuck, sluggish, or uninspired.
  • You indulge in critical self-talk.
  • You think negatively about your circumstances and those around you.
  • You fall victim to unhealthy relationships.
  • You sabotage your goals and dreams.
  • You can’t find your purpose in a world of duality.

So what is a spirit-in-need to do — especially during the holidays!?!

Get sourced and open up to something greater!

You’ll receive deep and powerful energy healing transmissions and soul activations during this 3-day online retreat. Wendy will guide you to reconnect to your spiritual flow and allow the Divine to replenish your entire being. 

These healings will become your foundation for staying clear, centered, and purposeful in a world that’s asking you to STEP IN. Ready to heal what’s come to the surface in this pivotal year — and step into your inner healer to contribute to the world in a bigger way? 

Start your journey by registering right now!

Honoring the Sacred Within

Release Energy, Ignite Your Inner Light and Enter 2023 with Aligned Intentions

Holiday Retreat Online | December 9, 10, and 11

3-Day Online Retreat

December 9, 10 & 11

Friday @ 12noon – 2pm Pacific Time
Saturday: Morning Session: 9am Pacific/11:30am Eastern/4pm Greenwich

Afternoon Session: 12:30 pm – 3pm Pacific
Sunday @ 9 am- 11:30 am Pacific Time

This guided healing event is a unique opportunity
to join Wendy for 4 LIVE sessions!

You’ll gather with Wendy and a heart-aligned community for in-depth teaching, interactive training sessions, and practices you can apply right away. 

And, don’t worry if you can’t join Wendy live — you can catch up anytime!

You’ll receive unlimited access to streaming recordings of each session. You can refer to them time and again throughout the year to deepen your connection to your divinely inspired path for 2023.

When you register by MIDNIGHT, Thursday, Dec 1,
you’ll receive these EXTRA BONUS GIFTS!

Bonus #1: Exclusive Wisdom Circle- A Live Bonus Session

Join esteemed School of Intuitive Studies Director Debra Alwan-Humkey and Lead Facilitator, Saori Murphy — and your Holiday Online Retreat community — for this special event! Receive guidance and support for stepping into 2023 powerfully, aligned with your divinely inspired purpose.

Wisdom Circles are special gatherings only available to students in the yearlong Intuitive Healer Training Program. During this exclusive Wisdom Circle, Debra and Saori will support you in taking the next step on your journey of releasing patterns that are holding you back, and inviting in higher guidance and direction for your path in 2023.

This Wisdom Circle will be held on Friday, Dec 16, 2022 @ 12noon PT/3pm ET

Bonus #2: Three Ways to Support Anxiety Relief- A Video Teaching from Wendy

Anxiety may happen for many reasons, ranging from body and brain chemistry, trauma, nutrition….and spiritual crisis.  Yes, in this video Wendy shares how to support yourself through anxiety relief when your heart is being called to a greater fulfillment…and the mind is not ready!

Bonus #3: A Video Tutorial on The Energetic Anatomy to Deepen Your Retreat Experience

The energetic anatomy underlies and weaves within the physical body and the nervous system.  It is where we store karmic imprints, embedded patterns, unprocessed emotions and more. As we clear energy in the body on this retreat, having an understanding of the energetic anatomy can give you a visual picture of where to connect to the energy in order to let it go.  This tutorial provides the background you’ll need to get the most of your retreat experience. 

Bonus #4: How to Clear Energy Through Grounding: A Guided Practice from Wendy

Grounding is the process of connecting to the earth’s frequency through your lower body.  Yet, sometimes in order to ground, energy needs to clear in the lower body.  This guided practice supports you in clearing and releasing energy through the grounding process, so that more earth energy can flow through your lower body.  

Plus Receive this bonus gift if you register
before Nov 15th at Midnight!!

The Power of Knowing Yourself and Why You are Here:  A Video Teaching and Guided Meditation with Wendy De Rosa

This teaching and guided meditation support you in connecting with your deeper truth in who you are and why you are here. Through a guided journey, you are invited to connect to your higher guidance and your deeper sense of knowing internally. This is an empowered, guided meditation to help you feel connected, grounded, and centered in the truth of who you are. In times of transition or uncertainty, this guided clearing and teaching will help you claim your purpose.  

Join Honoring the Sacred Within Holiday Retreat Online

Release Energy, Ignite Your Inner Light and Enter 2023 with Aligned Intentions

Reserve your spot in Wendy’s 3-day retreat, which includes:

Four 2.5-hour sessions with Wendy, Faculty and Assistants!

  • Receive guided healing and teachings from Wendy from the comfort of your own home. Each session includes a live-streaming video option, or just listen to the audio from your favorite device. 

Four Retreat Session Video Recordings

  • Each session video will be available for you to stream in a high-quality format. Don’t worry if you miss a session, you can catch up when you watch the recording on your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. You can even do the entire retreat on a different day entirely if that suits your schedule.

Four Audio Recordings of Each Session

  • Following each session, in addition to streaming video, the audio will be available via high-quality MP3. You can listen in and catch up at your convenience or return to the guided healing time and again in your daily practice.

During this incredible 3-day healing experience, Wendy will facilitate healing and messages for you, for your personal clearing, and for your work in the world — all with the help of your spirit guides and angels. This is a powerfully deep clearing for you through the holidays and as you enter 2023!

After December 1st

Full Payment


Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed!

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If this retreat isn't a great fit for you, for whatever reason — refunds can be requested within the first day of the retreat.

3 Day Retreat Schedule and Content

The retreat takes place on Dec 9, 10, and 11th with morning and afternoon sessions.

Session topics are as follows:

* Ground Your Energy During the Holidays Through Guided Breath Work and Song
* Release Out-dated Energy and Access the Light of Peace Within
* Divinely Align Your Intentions within with the Universe for Now and 2023
* Integrate and Embody Your Intentions for a Shift in Consciousness

Each session contains a talk, a guided energy clearing, a small group practice, assistant support, and a Q&A with Wendy.  You will have two options for joining live: by phone or online. During this call, Wendy will lead energy clearings followed by a discussion, including time for Q&A. Wendy will also give participants daily assignments coinciding with the subject matter of each morning’s call. These at-home exercises ask you to clear space and cultivate your vision for 2023.

Registration for the Holiday Healing Retreat comes with access to recordings of each session. This way, you can revisit the material ANYTIME! Or if the dates don’t work with your schedule and you need to miss a day, you can still keep up with the group by listening to the session later in the day. 

Can’t make it live to any of the calls? No problem! You can still access the recordings and daily assignments to participate at your leisure. All Wendy asks is you make a full day commitment to participate.

Session 1: Ground Your Energy Through Guided Breath Work and Song

We begin this retreat journey by breathing our body into clarity, center, grounding and peace, and toning your body through singing.  You do not need to be a singer or even to carry a pitch, but exercising your vocal cords through vibration is a powerful way to heal the throat chakra and the entire body, combined with breath.  

You may have lots of stress to let go of, or old imprints to release. You may have the energy of others to let go of and your own emotions that need processing.  Whether it’s through the holidays or always, this opening session is about utilizing the power of singing and breathing techniques to arrive, settle your nervous system, and ground energetically.

Our opening session will set the space for our deeper work together through the weekend by clarifying our sacred container and providing a safe space for you to unwind and breathe yourself back to your soul’s center.  Coming together to heal in community is essential to not feeling alone in our experience. You will experience guided energy clearing for grounding and releasing energy.

Session 2: Release Out-dated Energy and Access the Light of Peace Within

In this second session, we’ll go deeper into clearing energy.  You’ll move through a deep guided energy healing to release the outdated energy you’ve been holding in your body and nervous system. Some of that energy may be old and stirred from this past year — and some of it may be embedded imprints or related to the experience of the collective.

Either way, this space is held for you to unwind, let go, connect to what is blocking your inner light, and allow a new way of being.  

This morning session is about receiving Divine healing and messages facilitated through Spirit Guides and Angels to let go— in a nurturing, guided journey to help you feel a sense of equanimity and support. 

Session 3: Divinely Align Your Intentions with the Universe for Now and 2023

Your dreams and goals have more purpose and meaning when you feel rooted in the beliefs supporting your thriving, and connected to your Soul. 

Divinely aligning your intentions includes getting the mind out of the way and allowing a bigger experience to occur, fueled by faith and spirit. With the help of your higher self, Guides and Angels, you are being guided to live more with more connection to your inner light–which brings you more purpose and meaning.  

We’ll begin the session with a guided healing and inner exploration of your soul’s intentions to manifest in 2023.  Then, you’ll receive a sound bath with signing bowls with Debra Alwan Humkey, followed by a creative visioning session led by lead facilitators and assistants to clarify and co-create your visions for 2023.

For this session, bring cut-out images from magazines or the internet to paste on paper or your journal – a smaller version of a vision board — or a big version if you prefer!

Session 4: Integrate and Embody Your Intentions for a Shift in Consciousness

This final day of the retreat is a deep soul healing — you’ll ground and integrate your heart, light, and truth in this era of consciousness. 

The world will always challenge your commitment to your spiritual connection. Being awake means, you have the capacity and tools to be with the human experience. It means you embrace your triggers as opportunities for healing… 

It also means you have fierce compassion for yourself and others who are struggling. This closing session will support you in integrating the healing work and setting up how you will actualize your intentions so you can support yourself as you embrace this quantum shift.

Whatever your personal goals are for 2023, this retreat will help you get connected to your SOUL — and create your life from your divinely-infused and connected heart.

Honoring the Sacred Within

Release Energy, Ignite Your Inner Light and Enter 2023 with Aligned Intentions

Holiday Retreat Online | December 9, 10, and 11

Early-bird Pricing Ends Dec 1st 2022!

Meet Wendy

Wendy De Rosa is an international intuitive energy healer, speaker, teacher, and author. She offers education and training programs for spiritual and personal growth to thousands of people from all over the world wanting to develop their intuition and experience personal transformation. 

She is the founder of The School of Intuitive Studies and the renowned Intuitive Healer Training Program & Certification. Wendy is a leading faculty member of The Shift Network with more than 100,000 people attending her events and programs. She is a featured teacher on the MindValley spiritual growth channel Soulvana and has appeared on CBS News/Better Connecticut.  

She is a published author with her newest title, Becoming an Empowered Empath: How to Clear Energy, Set Boundaries & Embody Your Intuitive Powers, released by New World Publishing in 2021. Her other titles include her bestselling Energy Healing Through the Chakras: A Guide to Self-Healing, and  Expanding Your Heart: Awakening through Four Stages of a Spiritual Opening. She is also a contributing author to Bouncing Back: Thriving in Changing Times with Wayne Dyer, Bryan Tracy, John Assaraf and other leaders in personal growth. For more information visit: 

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