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How the Energy Healing World is Changing

Do you have a calling to help others stop holding back so they can shine their inner light? There is great freedom in clearing your energy blocks and overcoming your fears so you can expand into the person you are meant to be now.

As healers, we are here to help our clients work through layers of conditioning, programming, patterns, and influences to attain a greater sense of Self and confidence to follow their soul’s purpose. Healing contributes to peace on this planet, and the more we do to bring people out of isolation, fear, depression, etc, we can raise the frequency and vibration on Earth and feel more connected.

Threads from today can be traced to times of re-birth in history around the role of spirituality, energy healing, intuition, and Divine expression. The cycles continue as consciousness continues to rise, war continues to happen, and the need for healing is at a staggering high due to trauma… and the Divine is awakening within us. We are in a renaissance, and through it, what will you re-birth from the true DIvine expression? Those of us who are becoming more clear, more intuitive, and more sensitive and aware need healing, inspiration, and unification with like-minded souls to support a collective in pain. 

Every day, more people and more people are feeling drained and disconnected from systems that aren’t working. They are looking for new ways to heal and stand in their power, which in turn is creating a bigger space for energy medicine. 

As more and more people are waking up to their gift of intuition and feeling the call to be a Healer, more healers are entering the field. This is why I have joined forces with the National Association of Professional Healers to provide scopes of practice, ethical guidelines, and new business resources around the practice of Energy Healing. The reason I have done this is because unifying hearts and minds around a field I see results in for people’s growth, personal and physical healing, and empowerment is very important to me personally. I train healers and teach programs, so to have a place for students, grads, and healing professionals to go to feel connected in an ethical community is important to me. Being that you are in my inner circle, you are one of the first to be invited into our ground-breaking, new industry trade association.

You are formally invited to become a NAPH Member. As part of my inner circle, your special price is $167 for an annual membership, and you will receive TWO very special bonus offers. This offer ends Monday, July 1, at 11:59 MST.

In the video below, I’ll give more details about the National Association of Healing Professionals as well as discussing how the energy healing world is changing and what we can do to unify.