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How to Clear Your Own Energy to Move Through Shock

You may be aware of the need to clear your own energy if you are feeling tired, run down, overwhelmed, or not yourself. However, another reason you may be taking on the energy of others and the world is by being in a chronic or recurrent state of shock. 

Yes, with all happening in the world right now, shock is a natural response that needs tending to and awareness. 

You could be living in shock about the consciousness level of other people in the world, devastation, or actions others take. However, people have always been living with their wounds, and you have too. So, the shock isn’t that the information is new, rather your blindfolds may be coming off revealing more perception. When we awaken, we can be shocked by others’ actions, but also by our own actions in the past. To move through the stage of shock in witnessing the state of the world or deeply embedded wounds requires Three Steps:

  1. Acceptance: Accept it. People are ungrounded and people are living in codependent dynamics in many aspects of their lives. People are living and acting out of unprocessed wounds. People are suffering because of oppression. People are projecting instead of taking responsibility. People are powerless and caught in ego battles instead of evolving. People are projecting ego and human created ideals onto spirituality, and are stuck in the need to be right. People are scared. By accepting this is happening, it will take you out of the shock, help ground you, and you’ll gain awareness on how to respond. You’ll feel the grief, and possibly the anger, but it will move the needle from the “freeze state” of shock. Shock is where you lose your center and become overly sensitive.
  2. Process and embrace your emotions: Pause. Breathe into your emotions. Breath to them again. Let them come up and out instead of trying to fix them, make them go away, or shame yourself for having them. Feelings will subside when you wrap your arms around yourself and love yourself through having this emotion. Feelings will trigger acting out and projection on others when we don’t have the awareness or tools to process them. Embrace your emotions, which are a vital and loving aspect of your humanity. Talk about them. Don’t be afraid of them… They make you real, authentic, and relatable.
  3. Learn how to ground and clear your energy: Your energy body extends beyond your physical skin into the layers of consciousness on the outside of your body called your aura. Shock is a freeze response in the body that is vital for self-preservation and protection in times when our nervous system can’t live through an experience. In that state, we become more susceptible to being overly empathic. The world is shocking right now. The media is shocking and we are continuously shocked by what we see in the underbelly of humanity. To some, it’s not shocking… rather it’s been a reality for a long time.The underbelly needs to surface (as ugly as it is)  and in order to advocate for truth, you have to be able to find your center amidst it all. Anger can help us find our center and clear our energy when we get fed up with feeling powerless. So build your tool kit and how to detox not just your mind but your energetic body, including the places in your system where you’re taking energy in and you don’t even know it. Become your own healer and learn how to clear your own energy. This will take you out of the victim state of being powerless to the world around you.  

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