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How to Find a Good Energy Healer

Energy healing is a holistic health practice to help clear out blocks holding you back, better understand who you are, and support your journey to make lasting and powerful shifts toward living a more balanced, authentic life.

Have you decided it is time to schedule a session with an energy healer? With endless options available (for both practitioners and types of therapy), it is essential to find the right, trained energy healer to give you the best experience possible. Here are my top tips for finding the right energy healer for your needs.

What Type of Energy Healing do You Need?

Through their gift of intuition and facilitating healing, energy healers remove emotional and energetic blocks that create physical, emotional symptoms, and life path questions. While most healers help with each of these types of blocks, some may be focused more on the physical than the mental, or vice versa. Before scheduling a session, it is important to know what exactly you are looking to get out of your healing session. Do some research to make sure you know what type of healing will best suit you, and then begin searching for healers who concentrate on that particular technique. Keep in mind, some healers focus on one type of healing such as Reiki, while others practice a variety of methods from healing touch to chakra clearing.

Virtual vs. In-Person Sessions

Once you have completed your research, may have found the perfect healer, but they do not live in your city. This is actually good news. Most energy healers offer virtual sessions via a phone call or a video chat. It is common for most healing sessions to be conducted virtually, as it is not necessary for you to meet in person with your healer to have a connection and to help you remove energy blockages. For healers who prefer more of a hands-on approach, in-person sessions are required because they may use methods such as sound baths, aromatherapy, or acupuncture.  

If you do prefer in-person sessions, make sure to check out local holistic wellness centers. While each one will have unique offerings, they tend to have a variety of healers under one roof. This may be a good option if you are not sure what type of healing practice will be most beneficial because it gives you an opportunity to meet with several different healers at the same place.

Consultation and Background

Often choosing a healer is an intuitive process as opposed to a mental one so it can be helpful to get a consultation before setting an appt. During your discussion with your potential healer, you will be able to determine whether or not you feel connected with them. I suggest asking questions about their training and qualifications, who they may have been mentored by,  and what types of clients they have had success with in the past. If your healer has not had proper training, it can make for a negative experience. I also suggest checking out their website and tuning into your own intuition about how you feel about the healer.

Comfort is Key

Every healer has a different method, approach, and demeanor, so it is important you feel comfortable with however they may conduct your session. While it is imperative your healer is trained and certified with previous client success, your comfort and ability to open up to your healer is one of the most critical components of having a successful session. Any type of energy healing will also not be effective if you don’t have the right intentions or your consciousness is not open to receiving the healing.

To get the most out of your appointment make sure you feel completely comfortable and at ease with your healer. I can not stress enough about the importance of having a connection with your healer. You need to be able to completely open up to them, or it may be difficult for you to connect and have the flow of energy necessary to remove blockages.

If you are looking for a trained healer, check out the video below for more tips and don’t forget to check out our SIS Healers! Each healer is certified and has received extensive training and direction in my specific methodology here at the School of Intuitive Studies.