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How to Honor the Sacred Light Within

If you are  busy dealing with holiday stress, feeling overwhelmed, and unbalanced, it is possible that you are having a hard time prioritizing your needs and experience real happiness during this season. Many people are expressing they are already this week beginning to feel the effects of this season’s changes.

During the Winter season, the appearance of barren trees and dry air indicate the lifeforce has gone underground and into the roots of the earth. The same occurs for  human beings. Sometimes we find we are not as lively and social during the colder seasons. In fact, there are scientific studies proving moods can change with the season due to biological and physiological factors.

The journey toward the Winter Solstice longest night of the year (December 21) is quickly approaching, which means now is the time to honor the sacred and the sacred light within ourselves. As the year comes to an end and when stress is present, it is easy to worry about the future or regrets of the past year, and overlook all the good things you have in the present moment. Choosing to make every moment count by reclaiming our connection to the Divine is highly supportive to your heart and soul during this period and can help you stay grounded in times of stress.

You may be wondering, “How can I stay ahead of these changes, maintain my sense of self and live a full and meaningful life?” You can achieve this by looking inward, praying, meditating, slowing down, contemplating and connecting to your soul, and honoring the Divine light within you. I also recommend:

  • Being honest with yourself
  • Breathing deeply
  • Tending to your body
  • Practicing a “sacred pause”
  • Forgiving yourself
  • Practicing gratitude
  • Using positive affirmations to create a stronger sense of self, build confidence, foster healing and increase abundance

In the video below, I share some tips to help you create a sacred space that allows you to honor yourself and stay grounded. If you’re looking to work more deeply with me on healing, growth, and intuition, join our monthly Divine Healing Inner Circle program.

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Wishing you peace and happiness this week,