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How to Process the Feeling of Hate

This article originated as a newsletter to my list.  I have a lot of events coming up and wanted to send an update on how you can receive healing and spiritual growth, because I believe this work continues to be the current that will help this planet.

In my heart though, I couldn’t skip over what has surfaced with Charlottesville.

It’s called hate.

The feeling of hate stems from being trapped in the feeling of deep hurt. It’s not just being hurt, it’s being trapped in it, with no way out. The layers of life, life experiences and lifetimes then build upon each other and the hurt becomes deeply buried.

That’s the suppression.

Then there is conditioning around survival and being accepted in society. Except feeling trapped and alone brooding with hate, makes you want to bond to other people who feel that way.  So the bonding of hate forms and groups form.  That hate gets projected on to race and differences.

Then there is fear. The fear of unpacking that hurt is way bigger and takes more vulnerability than someone’s conditioning may allow. In fact, it takes the feminine side to do so. By “feminine side”, I mean sensitivity, being in-tuned, compassionate, creative, soft, receptive, listening, etc. Men and women both have this side, and for centuries, this side has been deemed as weak, or to be dominated, even in oneself.

The truth is, I have hated too. I have been trapped in hurt too. I have hated a feeling or the way someone made me feel so much that I hated that person, that place, that memory and sometimes God. I have even hated people for not taking responsibility or not following through on what they say they were going to do.

For whatever reason (which I believe it to be Divine consciousness in my heart) I got out. I moved toward the light, and had the will power to seek healing. I had the WILL to unravel the layers of pain, suffering, and impact. I had the will and the courage to listen beneath the hate.   I also have acted out my hate, mostly to myself. Self inflicted words, judgments, and sabotages are a form of internalized hate.

This had to change. And it did.

It changed by my will to seek healing and open my heart to the light within me. That strengthened my Spirit over my Wounded Ego (the trapped and conditioned part of me).

The Solar Plexus (Third Chakra) area of the body concaves with SELF when we cannot digest the amount of hate that lives in our system. It eats away at our Ego and it eats away at our soul.   When we hate or hate the feelings we have inside, we are not processing those feelings, which means the feelings take over and soul consciousness shrinks.

It’s through Third Chakra that we connect to confidence, will power and manifest our true light in the world. But if our light is trapped in pain, then it is hate that is projected out.

Once there is freedom in the Solar Plexus (Third Chakra), consciousness moves up to the Heart.

Not everyone has the opportunity to get out of being trapped inside. I believe 100% that it’s possible, however. It takes more guts to go inward than it does to act outward. Courage is needed to connect to the spiritual heart, find freedom there, and be willing to start the journey of healing.

My guess, because you are reading this, is that you do have and have had the guts and the will power to heal whatever feelings you are trapped in. I’m presuming, but I imagine that’s why you are here.

You have that consciousness that will help you see the light within. I don’t meant to polarize conscious versus unconscious people, but what I am saying is that your heart’s journey, expanding your light, unraveling your layers and healing your past, is needed in the world.

Why?  Because love is stronger than hate, and love will unite us. We still have more work to do as a collective in expanding the heartbeat of this diabolical world.

Hate has been in everyone at one time or another. It is our work to unravel those shadows within, so freedom and love can prevail.

I have been heart broken about seeing so much hate acted out in Charlottesville and a life lost due to this. It is inexcusable. It’s also now out of the shadow and unsuppressed. We need to see the shadow so we can face it. It may be chaotic and messy for a while, but stay diligent in your intent to love.

We may not be able to make haters stop so easily, but we can pray for their un-trapping.  In the reflection of their hate, there is opportunity to free our own inner suppression, heal within ourselves and know that love is at the center of our being.

Healing, soul expansion and love are the vibration that will unite the hearts of others. Our personal work is the world’s work. Our prayers feed the collective.

Together we can be a united front of love.