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How to SHIFT with the support of this week’s Super Moon energy

Are you feeling any spiritual downloads, creative surges, intensity, cycles of life and death this week?   If yes, you may benefit from reading this. If no, you still may benefit from this information. I’ll explain:

On Sunday morning, I was reading an article about the full Super Moon this past weekend. The article highlighted how the moon was similar to an apocalypse-type energy, which sounds dramatic, but in astrology terms, that means the end and the beginning of big cycles of life, and new consciousness coming in. It also means that we are called to connect more to our mystical or spiritual sides in order to be in tuned with who we really are, and what we’re here to do.

I felt that consciousness coming in all weekend in the form of spiritual downloads. I didn’t think much of until later that day, when a friend asked me, “Is your crown chakra buzzing?” (Yes, I live in Boulder and these kinds of questions are oddly normal.)

She is actually not an overtly mystical person, so it caught me off guard when she asked. She went on to ask if I was getting spiritual downloads today. I said, “Yes, I am! All weekend long.” She had too. We had similar experiences of creative surges happening, and it felt good to know I wasn’t alone in that.

So why would this happen? It actually happens in many full moons and if it’s happening for you, here’s one explanation:

The moon activates a point at the top of our head called the Bindu as well as the Crown Chakra (the gateway power center for spirituality). When we meditate on the full moon the Bindu is stimulated resulting in relaxation of the ego mind and an opening to spiritual connection. The Crown Chakra opens and through it, we receive spiritual downloads or Grace. It is also through the Crown Chakra that we exit our bodies at the time of death.

Yes, death is a part of this mystical portal that opens when the moon’s surges are close.

By evening on Sunday, as if he knew the portals between worlds were open, I read about Dr. Wayne Dyer passing.   It was as if the Super Mother Moon opened her arms to him, gathered his light and called for him to come home. The very same day that she called upon Oliver Sacks to come home.

Two mystics, who probably weren’t called that in their every day life, yet graced us revolutionary consciousness, completed a cycle of life, and passed over to the Light. It is certainly auspicious that they left through their crown chakras on the night of the Super Moon.

I was always deeply touched by Dr. Dyer on my journey of personal growth. In 2008, I was published in a book with him, yet never met him. It was through his books and lectures, that I consider him one of my teachers and guides. He will be greatly missed by many, and gratefully honored.

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There are people on this planet whose purpose is to be a direct channel for grace and wisdom for the world. Dr. Dyer was that for me, and when we stand in the presence of those people, it activates the inner mystic within us. We become a reflection of the light, of the wisdom and our true alignment.

The moon energy is asking us to reflect our light and our truth. Transformation, connection to spirit, becoming more awake/conscious, creative bursts, how you are living your light, and evolution are themes this week and going forward. If you have been feeling this full moon energy, you are exactly where you need to be.

How to work with the Super Moon Energy this week:

• Meditate more this week.  Sit, walk or move in connection with your soul and spirit for 20 minutes a day. Break it up to 10 min in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening.

• Have compassion for all the parts of you.  The “good” and the “ugly”.  By loving all the parts of you, love will help you integrate them, and you will have more acceptance for yourself.

• In your mind and in your heart,  make room for the changes to happen.  Breathe, slow down, allow.

Here are some reflection questions to ponder as you are moving through this week:

• What happens inside you when you come into alignment with your spirit, inner mystic, or your creativity?

• Who are the mystics that help you shed the ego and see your light?

• How are you growing up inside yourself?

• What healing do you need to feel in alignment with your soul’s truth? How will you give yourself that?

• What needs to come through you to the world? Will you make space for that?

It’s a powerful moon, calling us all into alignment. Take some time to be with what that means for you.

With love,
Wendy De Rosa

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