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How to Stay in High Frequency During the Holidays

When it comes to the holidays, we often think of celebrations, gifts, decorations, connections and love. However, for many of us, we also think about holiday stress coupled with being in big groups, lots of noise, managing people’s expectations, drama, consumption, obligation, expenses, food, travel, etc. All of these things can quickly overload us and leave us feeling out of control and ungrounded.

For empaths and sensitives, the holidays can be overwhelming and it can seem impossible to stay centered and grounded. It is our nature to help and serve others and with the holiday season being all about giving back, it can quickly put us on overload.

Do you get anxious when you think of holiday gatherings? Are you nervous about being able to stay centered while being in environments surrounded by family? It doesn’t have to be this way. You can learn to enjoy the holiday season while standing firm in your power. In fact, the overwhelm and feelings of anxiety and stress serve as warnings to let us know despite what is going on outside of us, we need to continue to stand firm in living aligned with our Divine Self.

When we feel stressed, our bodies naturally enter into a state of “fight or flight.” In this state, our bodies actually pump more blood into our arms and legs than into our forebrain. This reaction limits our capacity to think and make decisions serving our needs and can majorly impact our natural flow and alignment with the Divine.

Ways to cope with holiday stress

The best thing to do when you’re feeling overloaded this holiday season is to take time out to separate what is real and what isn’t real. Naming the things out of your control versus naming what is based on your thought patterns and beliefs will help you gain more self-awareness and empower you to stand in your truth and power. Once you do this, you are left feeling more calm and relaxed.

Raising your vibration is also key to getting through the holidays. I often feel there is an expectation we need to stay in high vibration to be spiritual and that is not the truth. Being in high vibration means your heart is strong enough to live from integrity, truth, love and calling. It means your Divine self and human self-yield to each other with the awareness one can’t live on earth without the other. It means you are standing in truth, empowered in emotions (not negating them) and embodying the light is living from high vibration. It is also having a powerful heart. Being in touch with yourself and the Divine is the best way to prevent your energy from becoming blocked, clouded, or dark.

As we enter into the holiday season, it is important we protect ourselves and do things to stay grounded throughout the demands of the holiday season. Ensuring you make time to do activities to help you increase your personal power and feel peace, love, and clarity will help you feel less stressed. I recommend increasing your engagement in daily practices like mindfulness, meditation, and yoga.

I also suggest these three strategies to help you stay grounded and on a high frequency this holiday season:

Be grateful

No matter what is happening around you, take time to appreciate the people around you and the blessings you have in your life right now. Being grateful helps us focus on what we have, and it can immediately reduce stress and help us feel happier overall.

Choose happiness

True happiness comes from within so instead of looking to others for happiness, look within yourself.

Take responsibility for your experience

You have the power to create your own experience. Know you are empowered and loved. Hold and stay in your power by staying aligned with the Divine.

Let’s commit to staying grounded and appreciating this season in our lives by enjoying the holiday experience. Let’s choose not to let our past experiences and emotional blocks dictate our mood, thoughts, or actions. Let’s decide to end this year living our truths – in peace and in connection with our Divine Self on high vibration.

With Many Blessings,