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How to Stay in Your Light in the Face of Terror

The gravity of what’s happening in the world is impacting us all on the heart level. In the past several days since the attacks in Paris, Kenya, Beruit, Bagdad, Syriah etc, I have received this question:
How to you stay in your light in the face of such immense terror and devastation?

Here are my thoughts acutely following the our global crisis:

First, feel what’s real. If you weren’t impacted, you wouldn’t be human. Massacre is terrible. There is no argument that killing people is wrong. Grief, reactions from seeing and experiencing suffering, anger and fear are all natural. Feeling the way you feel is appropriate.

Is it time to be proactive? Really check in with yourself on this question. Do you want to do something to help or take action in order to get away from the intense feelings? I certainly go there myself. I want to jump on a plane, swoop in and rescue people because I get angry when people get hurt.   Really check in with what is motivating your feelings of taking action. Instead, create some space to breathe into the feelings, and then see how you feel.  If you have to, do something normal, like laundry or dishes—mundane motion can help us process the shock and emotions.

Let your power meet the fear. When fear is present, it’s dark and it will be consuming if you don’t stay grounded in what’s true for you.   Your truth is your power in connection with Divine Love. You see the fear, you feel it, you look it in the eye and tell the fear it won’t take you down. Fear is strong force, but love is equally as powerful. Can you lean back into love and allow that to be the power that fuels you?

Stay committed to meditation and prayer. Meditation and prayer open the back channels of your energy body so that your spirit can offer intention and healing for all those who are suffering. The front of your heart is going to feel for the world, which is natural. However, if you are too far forward in your heart and not leaning back into your back body, and connecting to the Divine, the front of your heart will overwork, which creates anxiety.

Pray for the enemies too. Yes, that sounds crazy. Here me out here. For someone to hurt another person in the name of God means that the light of God has not entered their heart. Their heart is shut down and they are operation from personal Will. How can I make such a bold assumption? Because in the power of the Heart Chakra is the optimal state of love, joy, peace, acceptance and compassion for all beings. When the light of the Divine enters into the Heart Chakra there is an awakening of spiritual grace to these optimal powers. If someone has a mission to destroy in the name of God, they are not experiencing these optimal powers. The two cannot co-exist. So praying for our enemies is asking the Divine to enter their hearts to shift consciousness to light. So what does this mean if they have died already? You can still pray for all those who are suffering or creating suffering, that they find the light in their heart to serve the greater good.

Be kind, everyone is battling something. Especially after being traumatized by terrorism. It can feel like a violation even if you didn’t experience it directly. Sensitivities are high and fear is in the collective unconscious.   Be kind, tend to your heart, others hearts, and be tender with yourself and your energy level. Kindness, smiling, looking someone in the eye, giving a hug, or random acts of kindness are wonderful ways to contribute light to a world that is hurting.

Over time some ways of giving back to the world, continuing prayer or meditation, or contributing to peace on earth may evolve in your life. The world does need us to continue shining our light and having faith even in the darkest times.