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How To Strengthen Your Intuition By Clearing Out the Noise

Have you ever been overwhelmed by the amount of information your system is processing, confused on what decisions to make, or unclear if what your sensing is coming from your intuition, fear, or somewhere else? This distracting noise can range from feelings of low self-worth, unprocessed emotions, imprints from childhood, and much more.

Processing the answers to these questions can overtake your mind, making it nearly impossible to connect with your intuition. This is why clearing the “noise” in your body will help you connect, listen, and strengthen your intuition.

Noise in the energy system is another way of naming any childhood conditioning which has taken up residency in the cells of your body. Imprints of how to be and how to relate to yourself happen in pre-verbal states and therefore are hard-wired in the cells of your being. So the monkey mind, inner critic, and fears are not only mental. This is also how consciousness in your body speaks to you, and it can be confusing and conflicting to your soul’s intuition.

Do you often feel holding your center or staying aligned with your True Self is challenging when you are surrounded by certain energy? Many empaths and sensitives feel this way, but it is possible to stay balanced and centered and connect to your inner voice.

Your intuition is a powerful asset as it can guide you on a path to gain the freedom you have always wanted. By learning to distinguish fear-based thoughts from your intuitive voice, you can quiet the mental chatter and open yourself up to listen to the messages your soul wants you to hear. The stronger your intuition becomes, the more opportunities you will have to step into the person you are here to be in this world.

When you give yourself permission to awaken your intuition, the universe responds powerfully to help you on your journey of staying aligned with the Divine. In the video below, I talk more in-depth about how you can strengthen your intuition. I also offer some techniques you can use to support you in clearing out the noise and blockages keeping you from trusting yourself.

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