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How to Strengthen Your Intuitive Gifts

The greater your ability to tune into your body and chakras, the easier it will be to access your intuition in all its forms. When you understand how to claim your unique gifts, you can consciously open to the full range of your intuitive powers.

As of sensitive, intuitive, or empathic being, there can be confusion about what is going on in the body. As humans regularly take in the information, and oftentimes, the question coming up for people is, “I am getting this information, but what do I do with it and what does it mean?” When you do not have intuition training, it can be difficult to interpret your ideas, visions, and feelings. 

Part of the uncertainty stems from not being able to distinguish whether the energy you are feeling is your own or someone else’s. I battled with confusion over what I was feeling for years. It wasn’t until I started my own healing journey and began working to clear the energy in my chakras I was able to feel more grounded and able to stand in my own power as a sensitive.

There is so much power in understanding how your intuition works and how it correlates with the chakras in your body. And to take it a step further, there is great power in knowing how your intuition (or how you personally connect to your Divine self); whether you feel, see, hear, or know things. 

People feel intuition differently in various places in the body. This is why I teach people to have a sense of Self and grounding. In the video below, I discuss empathic intuition and mediumship to help you better understand your intuition and its power.

Everyone has a natural way their body intuits information. It’s not weird, or “out there”. What’s actually a struggle is when we develop symptoms, unrest or confusion in who we are due to denying our intuition and the power that untapped in our energy body. Clear deeply held blocks in your energy system and strengthen your intuition by joining me for a 12 week course with the Shift Network on the 4 aspects of intuition, how they relate to the chakras and the energy healing needed to support your natural intuitive abilities. Class starts on July 10, and you can register here until July 24th.