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How to Take Care of Your Energy During the Holidays

Taking care of your energy is so important to overall health, and oftentimes the holiday chaos can distract us from our true needs. There is a sacred energy that radiates and thrives all throughout the holiday season and you deserve to tap into it. But as an intuitive or empath, it’s not always easy to step aside and give yourself what you truly need. 

Read below about a few ways to nurture your soul and stay elevated through the holidays as an intuitive and empath.

Care For Your Nervous System
During the holidays it’s easy to neglect our nervous system’s signals. Our nervous system responds to the energy around us and this can take effect on our emotional, physical, and psychological well-being. When your nervous system is activated and stressed, it’s important to implement tools of grounding, self-care, self-soothing, movement, inner awareness, and deep breathing to help your nervous system stay regulated during a hectic season.
Create Acts of Self Love

Tending to yourself balances the outpouring of giving a long list. Not every act of “self-care” is going to fulfill your need for deep love and support at this time. Sometimes, self love is having appropriate boundaries with others and checking in with yourself first before agreeing to what’s being asked of you. The only way you’ll know what decisions are best for you is by checking in with your inner self and what would feel good to your inner child.

Ground Your Body

Staying grounded during the holidays is important to clear intuition, stabilize your mood, manage stress, connect to yourself, and so much more. This is all done by connecting to the Earth’s healthy energy through our feet and skin. Grounding into the lower body can support relaxation, connecting to your inner self, receiving clarity, feeling empowered, and assisting those around you. 

Give With Intention

Giving out of obligation never feels good. When you give a gift, what does it feel like to pause and give an offering with words of intention of what you really want to give to this person? Whether it be love, gratitude, appreciation – this energy is felt in the gift when it’s received. Giving gifts with the intention of uplifting the other person’s essence is more impactful and actually feels good, you get something out of giving with intentions that are meaningful to you.

Be Grateful You Don’t Have To Force Gratitude

Gratitude brings our hearts right into alignment with the Divine and it is one of the highest states of being. Thanksgiving is a day of gratitude, yet not everyone feels gratitude on this particular day of the year. So if you don’t feel gratitude, it doesn’t mean you’re ungrateful, it means that you’re feeling something else. Instead of forcing yourself into a contrived feeling, why not just let what there is exist and be grateful you get to be real with yourself. The feeling will pass and gratitude will be there on the other side of this in its own timing.

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