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How to Tell If Your Heart Chakra Is Blocked

The heart chakra is a spiritual center in the body and is responsive to what goes on in the lower chakras (where we hold our personal boundaries, our ego, our conditioning, and our expectations of how to exist in this world). Typically, in our natural state of being, we often will live in the front of the heart chakra where we give, love, and engage in humanity.

We also have the back side of our heart chakra. The back side of the heart chakra is what receives source from the vertical flow of Grace through the back body. In my training, I often spend a reasonable amount of time talking and cultivating the back body because so much of our alignment and centering comes from the engagement of prana, of life force energy through our central channel and through this pillar of Grace in our vertical alignment. 

When your heart chakra is fully open and alignment, you will be comfortable with creating boundaries, you will be compassionate, and there will be a healthy flow of love. When the heart chakra is blocked, you may feel unworthy to receive love, be overly emotional, directionless, shut down, and stressed.

There are many reasons as to why the heart chakra can become blocked, and it is important to work through the blocks. The following quiz can help you determine if your heart chakra is blocked, and then, I will provide some tips on how to unblock the heart chakra.

Quiz: Are You in Need of Heart Chakra Healing?

Answer True or False to the statements below to see if your heart chakra is open or blocked.

  1. I often feel compelled to talk to others about how much I’m suffering because of others’ mistakes.
  2. I sometimes feel guarded in social situations.
  3. When I am alone for long periods of time, I feel lonely.
  4. I tend to hold grudges, either for the small stuff or the big stuff.
  5. I notice that sometimes I can easily get jealous of others.
  6. I surprise myself by harshly judging others at times, although this is not my normal personality.
  7. My counselors have asked me to read books and take trainings on codependency.
  8. Dealing with my emotions is a difficult thing for me.
  9. I get angry at the small things – and large things.
  10. I stay angry… sometimes for weeks.
  11. There are people in my life who I have not forgiven, even though what they did to me occurred years ago.
  12. When I see exceptionally loving people, it is almost too amazing for me. I start thinking they have a hidden agenda.
  13. I have been diagnosed with heart and/or lung problems.
  14. Sometimes – or even often – I feel disconnected from others.
  15. I often do not trust myself.
  16. Sometimes others around me will ask me, “Where is your compassion?”
  17. When I look back at my actions toward others in the last week, I see instances where empathy for them was missing.
  18. It is difficult for me to accept the inadequacies and faults of others.
  19. I strive for a sense of peace and contentedness.
  20. I am often focusing on things I do not like instead of things I do like.
  21. I could express gratitude more often – if I only thought of it!
  22. My friends and family tell me I am exceptionally hard on myself.
  23. I am often critical of my significant other.
  24. One thing I really want in life is more joy.
  25. I am often cynical, sarcastic, or lean toward the negative view of things.

The more True statements you have from this list, the more your heart chakra is blocked. If you score 6 or more True Statements on the quiz, you have a heart chakra blockage.

Whatever your ‘score’ is, know all the chakras in the body need healing, and sometimes, you can clear an area and then it can become blocked again later in life. Chakra healing is a process, and each chakra can be healed and begin functioning normally once the blockages are open.

How to Clear Your Heart Chakra 

If you scored high on the quiz for heart chakra healing, you might struggle with feeling positivity; you may be stuck in a cycle of judgment, sadness, or unmet needs and wondering if the cycle will end.

To start healing your heart chakra, select a few of the items on the list below, and try to incorporate them into your daily life, so they become a habit. As you consistently work to clear the blocks, you will notice your life will be more aligned and in flow with the DIvine. 

Journal your feelings daily

Whether you have 15 minutes or five minutes, getting in touch with your feelings can help the process of heart chakra healing. There is no size fits all when it comes to journaling. You can write sentences, or you can make a list of the different emotions you feel and then describe what contributed to having them.

Forgive by Honoring True Feelings

In order to authentically forgive, you have to honor your true feelings. Forgiveness may not be possible if you have an emotion, such as anger, still present in your heart or body due to being hurt.  Forgiveness may be the doorway to freeing yourself from bondage with that emotion, but in order to get there, you may have to acknowledge the emotion is there. Give yourself time and space to tune into your heart and body about the harbored feelings present. Breathe into them to release the holding of them. When you feel ready to no longer live with the harbored feelings, then you may be ready for forgiveness. This can restore your true light in your heart center. 

Daily Clearing

The Heart Chakra is responsive to energy stored lower in the body. For example, if you have unprocessed emotions in your 2nd or 3rd chakras, the heart chakra may respond with panic or anxiety. Typically the root of what the heart chakra experiences is not in the heart chakra itself, rather due to energy rising in the body and becoming felt or symptomatic. Make it a point to ground and center yourself every day by imagining a wide grounding cord connected to your hips and extending into the earth. Slow down your breath and your body to feel your energy ground. Then,  Imagine a shower of light flowing down and showering you with Grace to release any negative energy you may be carrying.   

Work with a Healer

The process to clear your heart chakra can move quicker if you work with a healing professional. Our featured Healers provide a variety of support for those looking for healing. Each professional adheres to our Code of Ethics, has supervision from me directly, has had qualified training and certification.

Get Training 

There are many benefits to attending trainings to help you along your journey. Have you taken any classes on healing from the School of Intuitive Studies yet? We offer both online and in-person events to help you better understand your intuition so you can live a more authentic life.

If you would like to work on clearing your chakras, I offer an in-depth, guided energy Healing every month through my Divine Healing Inner Circle Healing Program. The healings are helpful for anyone looking to take the gift of being an empath to the next level. Find out more about it here.