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How to Use Grounding to Improve Your Life

There is power in grounding and standing in yourself.” – Wendy De Rosa

Grounding or earthing is the process of reconnecting and realigning yourself energetically with the Earth. This technique is a tool you can use to settle the mind, and support you in developing a clear intuition so you can make better decisions. Grounding can help you feel more centered, balanced, less stressed, peaceful, and connected to yourself. When you are grounded, you are present and open to allowing the Divine support you. You may also experience a calm mind, body, spirit, and emotions, which leads to clearer thinking, vitality, health, and wellness. 

We live on a planet where there is collective trauma, personal trauma, stress, and overwhelm. The world is full of technology, more pavement, and less connection to the natural world, which makes grounding more challenging. In addition to grounding being a powerful practice to counter stress and support healing, I believe grounding is the most important part of developing your intuition. If the body is ungrounded, then energy rises in the body creating racing thoughts, irrational fears, and an active monkey mind, and then intuition is no longer clear. 

Is grounding easy for everyone?

Not necessarily… It can be hard to ground if you are holding on to subconscious beliefs in the root chakra area of the body such as, “Who I am isn’t okay,  I am not lovable, I am not valuable, and/or other people’s emotions are bigger and better than mine.” This becomes excess noise in the body that spins the mind and raises stress, and it can make it take longer to ground when the body is amped up. 

There are many exercises you can do to stay grounded, but in a pinch, I recommend simply feeling your feet on the ground, taking deep, full breaths all the way down into your belly, and letting a beam of light or tree-trunk image extend from your hips into the ground and sprouting roots. This tree image can help with the feeling of being rooted.

I also recommend bringing your awareness to your grounding cord, and tuning in with the Earth’s frequency by allowing earth energy to come in through your legs and feet, pelvis, and then down the grounding cord to the center of the Earth. Cycling the Earth frequency by feeling or visualizing it, creates a sense of vitality, restoration, calmness, peace, and it settles your mind. 

Unfortunately, there may be times where you find it impossible to get grounded. Keep in mind, it can be harder to ground during season changes, and when you are going through transitions because there are other energetic forces that keep us from feeling grounded. Do the best you can to find balance and a way to ground during these times.

Grounding may also be difficult if you are given a prompt to visualize, and you get stuck because you are unable to “see” anything. When this occurs, do not worry. Visualizing is only one aspect of intuition. There is also hearing, feeling, and knowing. So use another sense in the body to help you get grounded. Check-in with other aspects of your intuition by asking yourself where do you feel what is happening in your body and do you have an awareness of what is happening in your body. 

What if you fall asleep trying to ground? Believe it or not, rest and getting tired is grounding. It is an indication of how much our system needs to come to a deeper restoration – for the body, mind, or soul to heal. During this sleep state, healing does happen because your body can relax and surrender the mind so energy can release. 

I wish I could say we can always “will” our way through grounding, but sometimes there are actually blocks preventing grounding. When you have been ungrounded for so long, it is easy for the body to stay in the pattern of being ungrounded.  

What should I do when I cannot seem to ground?

When grounding is difficult, I recommend checking in with yourself about whether there is healing from the past needed. If you have felt it was not safe for you to settle into yourself, you may need to take a hard look at what is happening in the lower half of your body keeping you blocked from allowing flow, trust, and safety to be present. It could be a belief system, trauma, or imprint from childhood. In these cases, it can be helpful to work with a healer who can help guide you in identifying blocks held in your body. 

Sometimes grounding, when there is a lot of unprocessed emotions or wounds, can feel uncomfortable. Clearing some of the deep subconscious fears and beliefs held on the root chakra level so you can feel more connected to Self can help. If you feel you are ready to work through your blocks, look for a trained healer, who is certified in energy healing.

In the video below, I further discuss what is grounding and what happens when you can not get grounded, along with tips you can use to stay grounded. If after watching the video, you feel the need to work with a healing professional to help you ground, consider working with a healer from the School of Intuitive Studies. Each healer has been trained by me extensively and carries their own natural healing gifts. Find out more here.